Special Announcement: Lily Ex Machina complete!

Hey, everyone! So, remember back in February, when I suggested that you go read the excellent web novel Lily Ex Machina by ExtantLily? Not really? It happened, though… 😉

So, as of yesterday, EL has posted the 150th chapter, along with an epilogue, officially closing out the novel. So, many congratulations to her! I’m extremely impressed, as a writer who officially can’t finish anything… T.T

Cough, anyway. Since the novel is officially done, now would be an excellent time to read the whole story, without worrying about little things like cliffhangers, or the wait for the next chapter, which plagues us all. (“Especially on this site–” Shut up, you! 😛 )

So, click the link above and check it out! Or this one, and go straight to the prologue!

P.S. ExtantLily has already started work on the sequel. This should be good… 😀


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