Sunday Digest: I’m not sure what happens next edition

Well, OK, that’s a lie. I do know what happens next, but I’m having a hard time explicating it in prose. It’s similar to writer’s block, but it’s more existential. Or, y’know, not… >.>

Anyway. Anubai chapter 8 has been posted, and chapter 9… has one line so far. So, my best guess of when I’ll have it done is “maybe sometime this week?” which doesn’t really satisfy even me, so I can accept some skeptical looks. :\

As to what’s been holding me back (setting aside ennui) I just picked up Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for my PSVita. And I’ve been having fun. So yeah, slow on the writing front. On the other hand, I have effectively dropped a third to half of the novels I was previously reading every day, so there’s that. Eventually, I’ll get something done. 😛

Well, I did write one short piece, but… it’s the introduction to another series, supposedly. I’m saying it doesn’t stand well on its own, but… when I went to write the first actual chapter, I pretty much blanked. So, no release for that in the near future either… 😐

…Is it just me, or is this a list of things that I failed to accomplish this week? Enough of that.

Here’s a picture of a wheel loader to improve the mood.


Well, it improves my mood, anyway. 😉

I actually committed a huge error when I was putting this together, to the point where I would actually be unable to complete the last step, because a certain piece was flipped the wrong way. I had to carefully unbend a bunch of tabs, with… mixed results. 😦

Still, it came together in the end. And thanks to where the mistake was located, you have to look very closely to see the damage I did repairing it. You can’t see it in the picture, for example. 😉

Anyway, that’s four out of five in the CAT line of models. Next in queue, I have a merry-go-round (as a sort of palate cleanser from the difficult models), followed by a Humvee. Oh, and I have to start that train model at some point — it looks like a fun build too. 😉

Thanks for visiting, and I’ll be posting something on Wednesday. Not sure what, yet, but I’ll find something… 😀


3 thoughts on “Sunday Digest: I’m not sure what happens next edition

  1. FIRST! Jk, had to say it.

    Anywho, thanks for the digest. I managed to get the live stream highlights out of the way. Still trying to get in the mood to write. I know what I want to write, just can’t “put it down on paper”. I’m also hyped that one of my favorite games on the PS3 is getting a PS4 remaster this fall. That hype… is distracting.

    Still, nice wheel loader. I think I know why you do these metal models now, they look prettier than painted ones. Though… I do have this chrome-colored car in GTA Online that you might like because it looks like one of these things.

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    1. Yeah, I read your highlights post. Y’know, if I had a real internet connection, if be tempted to get Dragon’s Dogma just so I could send you pawns based on my current/upcoming characters… 😅

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      1. The friend who introduced me had thre PSNs so he could make his own custome Pawn Strike Force. He ended up making a fourth and a 5th PSN later. I currently have 3 PSNs, one of them Japanese. My main had an old Soul Calibur OC as the arisen and a former OC love interest as the pawn. The second one had Cassandra from the same game as the Arisen and Seong Mi-Na as the pawn. The Japanese one was was the same as the first because I changed the Arisen and pawn to the ones for the fan fiction I was writing on the main. But yeah, I plan on for the live stream making Lost Justice and the Oracle, just trying to decide which will be Arisen and which will be pawn. So far those two characters are my stream characters.


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