Sunday Digest: I want to be the wind, Masu.

Bonus points if you catch the obscure reference. Well, obscure due to lack of context, anyway.

Hi, happy Sunday, everyone! I was thinking about doing a little piece on the difference between a straight man and a tsukkomi today, but I didn’t feel like doing the research, so maybe next time. 😉

What did I manage to accomplish this week? Well, despite a busy schedule on days where normally I’d be able to do some writing, I pushed out two more parts of the short story Wind on the Lowest Plane. It will stay a short story. It wants to creep out further, but it can’t. Bad short story! 😛

…Well, of course I still have one(?) part left to go, but it won’t grow any further than that!

Probably. :\

Anyway. On the model front, I put together a carousel, or merry-go-round if you prefer. Pictured here with my ferris wheel model, because I like themes. 😉


Also pictured is my Mourning Cloak butterfly model, which is from a brand new line that, as you can see, is nicely colored. I’m also working on my Humvee model, which probably won’t take too horribly long once I actually start working on it. Unfortunately, the instructions are a little substandard, which makes it slightly more annoying… :\

Anyway, next week! Anubai Hero 9: Fan Bin is Definitely a Bad Guy! (Not an official title.) Hopefully by Wednesday so probably Thursday. Look forward to it! 😉

3 thoughts on “Sunday Digest: I want to be the wind, Masu.

  1. Well… I just got done reading the current “Wind on the Lowest Plain” chapter. Anywho, nice models.

    I’m trying to get the urge to write right now. Hell… I’m almost tempted to do a different series starring two certain characters of mine. Though… I’m certain that I may need to ask you about something when I do start writing about it. As of now, other than deciding which faction for the end game to do for Fallout 4… I’m trying to get the next actual LGDK chapter some progress. As well as that certain crossover.

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