Sunday digest: technically, it’s Monday again, of course.

Hey, everyone. It’s me. I really didn’t write anything last week, and technically I only started writing chapter 12 yesterday. A little after midnight yesterday, actually. So yeah, it’s only about [checks quickly] a quarter done. Eh, I’m really kinda enthused about the scene, though I am slightly worried about how to get certain people out safely… Well, never mind. I’ll get it done soon. Soon-ish. We’ll see.

In other news… well, my daughter has been officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, so yeah. That kinda sucks. We suspected it, of course, and it isn’t as bad as it could be… but, she’s going to require a lot of help to catch up to other kids her age, and I can’t help but feel a little helpless about it. We already have her in speech therapy and occupational therapy, and we are on the wait list for a couple classes that will be very helpful for her…

I suppose the good news would be, insurance should pay for most of it. Small blessings, right?

Ok, enough of that. I completed the engine of my train… hang on, let me go grab a picture quick…


There we go. Let’s see, the description on the packaging is:

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive – Is a 4-axle diesel-electric road-switcher locomotive built by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division between November 1965 and December 1971. The engine can generate up to 3000 hp.

So yeah, I’m not sure what any of that actually means, but it sure sounds cool, right? Next week will be the gondola car.

Thanks for reading, and please bear with me, the chapter will be done soon, I promise.

Well, soon-ish. :\


One thought on “Sunday digest: technically, it’s Monday again, of course.

  1. I was diagnosed with that as a kid. But that was before there was more information about autism. Years later, I was correctly diagnosed with Asperger’s. If it’s actually Asperger’s, then it’s at the lower part of the spectrum. Meaning that she’s close to fully functional, just not there. Anyway, I hope that’s the case. Still, my mom went through most of what you’re going through with this.

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