Sunday Digest: Why is it the 6th already?

I have the hardest time keeping track of… well, time. Oh, well, happy August everyone. Didn’t get a Anubai chapter done this week, sorry. Did post a bit of possibly meaningful background data on Friday, so check that out if you’re interested.

Next week, there’s a 60% chance of a new Anubai chapter, a 35% chance of something different that’s been bugging my brain, and a 15% chance I won’t accomplish anything because I started playing Atelier Sophie again. Yes, that’s 110%. Come at me, bro. 😛

Speaking of Atelier Sophie, I was deciding whether or not to start from the beginning again, or pick up where I left off. So I checked the time played on each save. On my oldest save, on 11/28, I had about 8 hours of play time. On my latest save, 12/6, I had about 56 hours. In other words, I played nearly forty hours in a week. That must have been a good week… ^^;

In the end, I started over. Sure, that’s 56 hours down the drain, but I don’t remember any of it, so meh. 😉

In other news, I sold a large part of my book collection today. I can’t justify the space to keep them, but I was sad to see them go… ;_;

Oh well, I got some money for them, anyway. :\

Finally, here’s today’s train car:


So, this is the “Plug Door Box Car – The plug door system closes with a final inward movement (similar to most van sliding doors) that seals the door flush with the interior of the box car to provide a much better seal than the sliding door box car.”

…Was that really the most interesting thing they could find to say about it? The doors on the model can’t even move. 😛

Anyway, I’m probably going to finish both the hopper car and the caboose for next week, so look forward to the finished train! 😀


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