Sunday Digest: It’s been a week. That’s about it.

Happy Sunday, y’all. Sorry this comes so late, but I was away from home for much of today, and the time I was at home… Ok, I admit, I was playing the hell out of Mario Odyssey. Damn Nintendo and their addictive collect-a-thons! 😛

Anyhow, I finished the twenty-second chapter of the Anubai Hero on Friday, and I’m starting to see how things are going to play out in the climactic scenes of the book/arc/whatever. Assuming I don’t let things go completely sideways again… the Underworks were a late addition to the plot, and I hope the cracks don’t show too badly. ^^;

Other than that, I haven’t really been working on anything. I’ve been playing Dishonored most nights this week, so I’ll have something to write about tomorrow. Sneak preview: I really like the atmosphere, but I believe they made a specific misstep that makes it more difficult to enjoy the story. 😉

Let’s see, anything else… Well, I’m learning to manage my daughter a little better, I guess. I have a grasp of what triggers her behaviors, so I can avoid having to deal with a lot of screaming fits, which reduces my stress as well. Sadly, I wasn’t able to convince her to stop wearing her swimsuit to school, but at least I convinced her to wear her snowpants over it. >.>

And she insists on having about five changes of outfit in her bag, so at least they can encourage her to change clothes at school too. She has both an ECSE class and a day treatment program through Fraser in the same building, one after another, and all her teachers are excellent. And it has helped a lot; Yuki has learned so much in the past year, I can’t praise her teachers enough. 😀

This is from last summer, but that is exactly the swimsuit she’s been wearing to school. The temperature has been well below freezing outside. I sometimes wonder about my girl… :\

Well, that’s enough about my daughter. I guess I’ll try to go play a final session of Dishonored before I write my review tomorrow. Maybe find some half-decent screen shots, I haven’t really got anything too cool so far. Oh well. Have a good night, everyone. 😉



3 thoughts on “Sunday Digest: It’s been a week. That’s about it.

  1. I’m fighting the temptation to add jokes about that joke warning I gave you a long time ago… but I won’t. Anywho, taking care of a kid is a lot of work. I’m glad that it’s getting easier for you… well, as easy as it can get with her condition. Still, can’t wait for Anubai.

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