MHW: The Bestiary (Part 6)

Sat down to write this article → Fell asleep. Not an excuse, just the reality. Still yawning, even… :\

Large Monster #6: Tobi-Kadachi

Monster Hunter: World_20180317120241

I call this one “Fluffy”. Don’t you love its fluffy tail? …Until you look closer, and you realize that the tail is actually a mass of scales and spikes, anyway. >.>

Tobi-Kadachi is a bizarre cross of snow fox, flying squirrel, and lizard. Like our old friend Mohawk, it tends to mind its own business until you agitate it, and it will likely wander right by you as long as you don’t start poking it with sharp sticks. (Makes it easier to screenshot, I’ll say that much.) It prefers the upper levels of the Ancient Forest, but it will commonly wander downwards in search of water and food. At least, I think it’s looking for food? I’m not actually sure what it eats…

Monster Hunter: World_20180317120037

Anyway, start a fight with the cute little(?) monster and you will quickly learn just how dangerous a flying squirrel can be. You see, Fluffy is a thunder-element wyvern, and it can channel that energy into its tail for a powerful rotating swipe, or cause a powerful arc between the horns on its head that looks absolutely painful. On top of that, it is fast and agile, able to leap onto the trunks of trees to launch attacks from above, and even from level ground it can jump into the air and glide for a few moments before somersaulting into an extremely powerful full-bodied smackdown with its electrified tail. The more it moves around, the more severe its electric attacks become; according to the field guide, this is because it builds up static electricity in its body, but I prefer to believe that it is just getting more excited as the fight goes on. It also has a chance of inflicting a status blight that makes you vulnerable to stunning, so keep the Nulberries handy.

Monster Hunter: World_20180316135145
So cute… Hmm? I have weird tastes? Well, maybe. 😛

I would say that you don’t need any new tactics to fight Fluffy, beyond learning its attack patterns and tells, of course. The real way to gain an advantage in the fight is to properly prepare beforehand; because your character does not level up, the only way to improve is to change and upgrade your gear, which in turn encourages you to go back and hunt previous enemies multiple times to gather the things you need. In this case, Barroth armor provides both excellent physical defense and Thunder element defense, so creating a full set and upgrading it with armor spheres is an excellent way to prepare. It’s a pity about its appearance, though… Additionally, Fluffy is weak to Water damage, and conveniently enough, Jyuratodus parts make for excellent water element weapons of every type. So if you have trouble with Fluffy, go hunt Wedge and Nessie for a while, and get the gear you need. 😉

Of course, once you can beat the Tobi-Kadachi reliably, you will be able to create the most fashionable armor:


Ah, that’s much easier on the eyes than the previous two sets. And it provides a significant amount of Thunder defense, too, so it’s great for additional fights with Fluffy. (It’s weak to water, though, so don’t wear it into a fight with Nessie.) 😉

Oh, and if you think this entry hasn’t been fluffy enough… allow me to deliver the finishing blow:

Monster Hunter: World_20180317111340

Now that’s fluffy. 😀

Small Monster #6: Kestodon

Monster Hunter: World_20180317124831

So far, the only monster with pronounced sexual dimorphism, and indeed they are identified as Kestodon (Male) and Kestodon (Female). The females are small, and act something like proximity detectors: they get upset when anything passes nearby, and if a hunter or monster continues to loiter, they will incite the males to attack. The males are bigger, and their headgear is more extensive. Both genders will try to headbutt you, but the females will generally hang back and let the males do the fighting if possible. They usually hang around in groups of two males and three females, but variations exist; there will always be more females than males, however. Not the toughest monsters on the block, all in all.

Like the Gajau, they don’t have a full armor set, but they do make a very good armguard:

Monster Hunter: World_20180317123155

Not only does it have good defense and a significant resistance to fire, it has the skill Sliding Affinity, a skill that literally increases your weapon Affinity for a brief period of time after sliding down a hill. Affinity is a bit esoteric (I had to look up an explanation myself) but it basically allows a weapon to occasionally deal more damage than it normally would — a critical hit, if you would. It is possible to have negative Affinity on weapons (Barroth-based weapons are a good example), where they will occasionally do less than base damage. So in conclusion, this skill lets you increase your critical damage (or eliminate reduced damage) in hilly areas. Um… that was a long explanation, but it’s better than it sounds, trust me. 😉

Monster Hunter: World_20180317120105

Well, then. A difficult fight looms on the horizon, so join me tomorrow as we meet an escapee from Jurassic Park, whom I like to call: “Angie.” See you then! 😀

Monster Hunter: World_20180317121837
Somehow, posting a picture of a paralyzed and tranqed enemy has become the norm for these posts… 😐

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