Sunday Update: Nothing. I’ve got nothing.

I’ve got two tabs open with different chapters that I am supposedly writing. One is Anubai 31, the other… isn’t. Neither are getting done with anything resembling speed. I haven’t recorded any videos either, so I have literally nothing to show for this week. But, I’m not severely depressed anymore, so I’ll call it a win nevertheless.

(On the other hand, my wife had a rough week at work. Today was her day off, so we went to a Japanese restaurant without the kids so she could vent to me for a while. She said she was feeling better after that, but I’m still worried about all the stress she takes on herself… 😦 )

So what have I been doing? Well, other than taking care of my kids (which is, y’know, more or less my job 😛 ) I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I don’t know if I want to do a full review, but in short: I’m playing it exactly like I played AC: Syndicate (that is to say, I am ignoring the plot missions) and I’m enjoying it more. It still lacks something when compared to Dark Souls, however, which I am also playing the hell out of.

As for Dark Souls, I think I said this before, but if you haven’t played the game before, the remaster is a good purchase and worth the current price; if you aren’t sure if you will enjoy the game (and you might not, let’s be fair) wait for the price to drop before you pick it up; and if you already have a copy of the previous version, the minor graphical changes aren’t that amazing, and so the only reason you’d want it would be if you want to play with the improved framerate.

So if you want to blame my playing video games for not finishing any chapters, well, I guess you could. But I assure you, even if I wasn’t playing games, I still wouldn’t have done any writing. …Actually, forget it. I’ll get a chapter done soon. Maybe even this week. We’ll see. 😛

…I guess I have nothing further to say. And my eyes are shutting… think I’ll take a nap…



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