A Living Will TOC

A Living Will


Zedda is dead. But for over a millenium he has walked the world as a servant of Jurisanti, first of the Reaper Lords. His mission: to prevent humans from achieving immortality, often by making sure they achieved death first. And he was dangerously effective at his job.

But something went wrong, and Zedda walked away from the world. Shut in his office, in a dead city surrounded by monsters, he stopped moving, stopped thinking, and slept.

Eighty-seven years later, Zedda’s silence is disturbed by a young woman, guided to him by his old student. Zedda emerges into a changed world — but his duty has not changed. If humans once again would reach for immortality, then he would once again strike them down. He might be the last of the servants of death, but he is by far the most implacable.

…Isn’t he? Unbeknownst to those around him, his words and his thoughts do not match up…

Chapter 1: The Trigger

Chapter 2: Midnight Steps

Chapter 3: A Common Welcome

Chapter 4: Convene The Dead

Chapter 5: The Gods Do Fade

Chapter 6: Ancient Fears

Chapter 7: Modern Concerns

Chapter 8: These Unknown Streets

Chapter 9: They Reach For What They Cannot Have

Chapter 10: A Dead Man’s Eyes

Chapter 11: The Dangers Of A Lack Of Respect

Chapter 12: Not A Man To Cross

Chapter 13: Irene’s Diary (1)

Chapter 14: Irene’s Diary (2)

Chapter 15: Irene’s Diary (3)

Chapter 16: Unlife Phantasmal

Chapter 17: Fangs of the Grace

Chapter 18: World Power

Chapter 19: A Deal is Struck

Chapter 20: Immediate Barriers

Chapter 21: The Darkness Waits Below