Eg-Lana Diaries, Day of Blood-soaked Dream

…We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open…

Fear the old blood.


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Day of the Blood-soaked Dream

I had a terrible dream last night… was it a single night? A dream of blood and darkness, and beasts that were once men…

Thank goodness we’re still here, in Eg-Lana, where it is safe. Continue reading


Sunday Update: I want to play with Spiders.

Nah, I actually want to play Spider-Man, but I can’t get it yet. Such is liff. [SP]

I only managed to finish one La-Mulana 2 entry this week, but on the other hand, I actually finally finished editing the 3rd episode of myself playing Don’t Starve. So there’s that. Posted at 😀

In other news… well, not much. Depending on how things go, I might have to withdraw my daughter from one of her classes, which is tough, but I’ll find out more tomorrow. Other than that, we’re all doing ok at my place.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. Gonna take a nap, now. Have a good week, everyone, and I’ll have a new Eg-Lana Diary tomorrow. Promise. 😉

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day Whatever

Wonder what’ll happen if you don’t take these ruins seriously?

You’ll wind up like me… Do as I say, not as I did. Take a good, long, hard look at yourself.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: 270, Moon Altar

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Day something or other, who cares, let’s go grab some more stuff.

I’m not crazy. I’m not. Let’s go back to Icefire Treetop. I realize we just found another entrance to Ancient Chaos, but that place scares me. Let’s go. Continue reading

Sunday(?) Update: I’ve got to stop losing interest in my projects.

Hey everyone, happy Sunday!

…What do you mean, it’s actually Monday? 😛

Well, it was a really busy day for me yesterday, what with Go club, a trip to the library for my kids, and a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, for which my wife made the cake, and I helped a bit with the finishing touches.


Yes, this was the wand cake that my wife prototyped earlier. Not bad, eh? The little girl and her family really liked it. 😀

Oh, and if your wondering what my wife’s hands look like after making a cake…

Something like this. Food coloring stains like nobody’s business.

Well, setting that aside, I find myself growing a bit bored with my La-Mulana 2 project, which is why my written persona is slowly going crazy. And it doesn’t help that WordPress introduced some sort of error in their editor that causes it to leap to the top of the document whenever I insert a screenshot. I’m going to have to look into that, because it is very, very frustrating. Be that as it may, I’ve got all this time to write, so I’ll post something over the course of the week. I just don’t what, quite yet. I’m also working on a project that won’t get posted at all, until it’s done — at which point, it should be an actual book. I hope. Again, we’ll see.

Other than that… well, Twitch is causing me to make questionable choices. Rather, I was watching someone play Dragon Quest XI, and it made me want to play a classic JRPG — so I loaded up a new game of Final Fantasy IX. (9999 damage is the best cheat ever. 😉 ) And then, I was watching someone playing Monster Hunter World for the first time, and it made me remember how much I love that game. So I started a new character.

In other words, I restarted two giant time-sinks at the same time. Oh, and I still want to play Spider-Man, and I still can’t afford it. I am an idiot. :/

Oh, well. I have more fundamental problems, but I don’t need to talk about them here. How is everyone else doing? If you ever want to chat with me, I’m often available on Discord these days. Dark Jackel#4324. I accept criticism, but not rudeness. 😉

Well, that’s all from me. Have a good week, everyone! Have a happy Sun– I mean, Monday! 😀

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 40?

The labyrinth of the winged. Wherein the Celestial Disk is housed. A response will be given to the word that represents Heaven.

-Tablet, 3rd Child: Olympian, Dragon Path

How blinded by gold do you have to be?

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Nitori, Amano-Iwato

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Day…40? 41? It’s hard to say anymore…

…What was I doing? I remember something unpleasant…


…No, never mind, I don’t remember anything. Let’s… yes, let’s explore the area underneath the chest where we found the Map. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 3x

Bears a striking resemblance to Amenominakanushi, one of the key Kotoamatsu gods of Japanese mythology’s creation myth. Said to have been the first of the Kotoamatsu race, making them one of the first of any race to exist.

-Archaeology Dictionary: Amenominakanushi Statue, Room of All Creation

Wow, the dude on this mural’s one handsome son of a… bitch! I get distracted for one second and…

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Kyaptain Ryohei, Room of All Creation

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Day 3x: Smash ALL the walls! Don’t let the walls smash YOU!

Well. I feel well rested, but… how many days has it been since we entered these ruins? I’m starting to lose track of time, I think. La-Mulana… no, this is Eg-Lana… Huh.

Actually, this is Takamagahara Shrine.

TakamagaharaShrine Continue reading

Sunday Update: Stabilizing toward a new Normal

Happy Sunday, y’all. Starting next week, I’m going to have large swaths of time to myself as everyone else is at school (or work, in my wife’s case).  I probably should be using that time to look for a source of income… but I’m probably going to spend at least part of it writing, so production should go up. We’ll see.

Speaking of production, I haven’t posted any further coverage of La-Mulana 2 since… Wednesday? Thursday? Something like that. Let me explain… I’m actually running two simultaneous playthroughs on different save slots. The first one is where I explore, and determine where the next logical or interesting progression would be; the second is my official playthrough, the one I’m pulling my screenshots from.

The point is, my exploratory playthrough has a lot of things I haven’t grabbed yet for my official playthrough (and there is some cool stuff coming up, let me tell you) but it turns out I made a… well, a minor mistake when I was exploring Takamagahara Shrine the first time, which made it much, much harder than it had to be. And I discovered my mistake only after I had started taking screens for my official playthrough… Basically, I had to scrap my suggested progression and start a different one, with a different path, so I ended not completing another entry this week.

TL;DR: In order to avoid another “Glove” incident, I took a little extra time to prepare. ^^;

Anyway, I’ll have another entry around Tuesday, unless I really rock the wordsmithing tomorrow. I’m also trying to get Anubai started again, but no promises. A Living Will needs some restructuring, so that’s less likely. But we’ll see.

Other than that, I’ve been much more talkative on Discord and Twitch recently, especially on ChainmailLiam’s stream. Have I shouted out Liam yet? Check him out, he’s a good guy, with a good community. 😉

Anyway, hope everyone had a good week, hope everyone will have a good week, and thank you for reading! Have a good one, y’all! 😀

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 32

The mantra-harnessing Alfr hidden relic, the Djed Pillar. It is fated to be swallowed by Kujata, the Guardian of Lokapala creation.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Alfr, Huracan’s Room

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Day 32: That’s a whole lotta bull!

Well, we’ve got a flying ship in our pocket, we’ve got a chain to use as a whip, and we’ve got at least one Ankh Jewel — let’s go hunt us a Guardian!

Here we go, take 2!

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 29-31

Ye who seek to bear the Gale Fibula must first pass the spear-bereft beast. Only then shall you dash like the wind incarnate, your human potential unlocked.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Lokapala, Wind Altar

Someone told me that jellyfish melt when they die. Without leaving any trace. What will you leave behind when you die? Money? Material possessions? All I’ve got is these here bones.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Maruchu, Bifrost

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Day 31: Collecting fallen loot on the Immortal Battlefield. Continue reading

Sunday Update: Hey, did you know school is starting up soon?

Our schedules are all messed up at my place, making it tough to release content in a consistent manner. Until things settle down, I’m not going to guarantee updates to La-Mulana 2 every day. Not that I really guaranteed that in the first place, but let’s just say I did, just so I can now say that I’m not going to do so anymore. 😐

…Did that make any sense? I’m a bit tired. :\

Moving right along… Hm. Maybe that’s all I’ve got. Um, hum. Picked up Dead Cells for the Switch, and as expected, it’s super fun and super addicting. It also represents all the discretionary spending I have for the month, so no Spider-man, no Tomb Raider, and no… anything else, I guess. But Dead Cells! That’s good, right? 😉

And I leave you with cake. I’m just a nice guy like that. 😀