Let’s use words to describe the world!

I, uh, I’m not sure what’s up with that title. Please disregard it.

But don’t disregard this: I’ve decided on my schedule for the near future! Beginning tomorrow (which is Monday…I think?) I will be working the following:

Monday: Karis & Briar (You know, my NaNoWriMo novel, which I still haven’t officially titled), ~1500 words

Tuesday: A Living Will, 1 chapter (usually ~1500 words)

Wednesday: Editing for ALW, plus anything else I have that needs editing; Posting 1 chapter of ALW

Thursday: Karis & Briar, ~1500 words

Friday: Other projects to be determined, or possibly an extra ALW chapter (~1500 words)

Saturday: Karis & Briar, ~1500 words

Sunday: Editing and reviewing for people who have asked for my help; Posting a summary of my activities for the week

By the way, this is the bare minimum I’m aiming for; I’m not going to stop writing if I’m on a roll, after all. So, as you can see, I’m currently heavily biased toward writing my story about Karis & Briar, but I will have at least one chapter of my web novel published every Wednesday. If I happen to have extra chapters, they will either be published on Wednesday or Sunday, depending on when I can edit them. In the future, once I have my novel closer to completion, I’ll probably move to two web chapters a week, but that’s significantly in the future.

OK, that’s all I’ve got for today! See you on Wednesday, for the return of A Living Will! 😀


Scraps and Pieces

So, once again I haven’t posted anything in a month. Dammit.

Do I have an excuse? Sure, lots of them. Do they make a difference? No.

The biggest problem, though, is that whenever I tell myself to sit down and write the next chapter of A Living Will, I immediately feel all the motivation draining out of me. Maybe I should just drop it…? I really like the characters, though. Zedda, Metria, and the as yet unnamed young-woman-with-a-problem…plus the posthumous Serpha and the weapon Arkesis. There’s a lot of potential for interesting stuff here, if I can just sit down and write it… Sigh…

Well, since it’s been a month, and since I do have people following the blog (for…some reason?) I do want to post something tonight, so, hmmm. What can I talk about…ah, got it.

So, A Living Will is not the only story I’ve started writing, and then left sizzling on the back burner. In fact, have I ever completed anything…let’s not go there. Anyway, here are a few stories that I’ve started, or at least put a little thought into.

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A Living Will, Part 1: The Trigger

I didn’t notice, until the handle of my office began to turn.

The building had been old when I moved in, all those years ago. Now, it was almost ancient. I had grown used to its song, a soothing lullabye of groans and creaks, shifting with the seasons and between night and day. I paid no attention to the occasional skitter of tiny claws, or the occasional skitter of much larger claws. At that time, I hadn’t noticed that what approached my door were not claws, but footsteps. Even when someone reached out to brush the dust off the sign on my door, I failed to take note. But then the handle turned, and I was suddenly alert.

My right hand tightened around Arkesis, loose in her holster. If I had eyelids, they would have narrowed. My eyebrows might have lowered, my mouth could have drawn back in frown. My left hand…but enough of that. Obviously, none of that happened.

When you’ve been dead for over a millennia, even drawing a deep breath ceases to be a reflex. Continue reading

A New Day Dawns!

Good morning. I am the Dark Jackel, an odd, pedantic, lizard-like being, who reads too much and writes too seldom. I started this blog to address the latter concern, by doing a long form review of the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire (which starts here, for those interested.)  So far I have managed to stay on schedule, which is good. I have not managed to get ahead of schedule, which is disappointing, but I have decided to move forward with phase two of the Plan. (The Plan does not deserve the capital P, but I am feeling generous today.) Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 1: Prologue

By the by. Anything posted, mentioned, or derided on this blog, is in fact the property of its respective owner and copyright holder, and is used for purposes of entertainment, edification, and the advancement of bad taste, not profit. If you feel anything of yours is being unfairly used and maligned, please feel free to line up right behind Mr. George R. R. Martin.

Couple more things: for those interested in truly meaningless data, the version of A Game of Thrones I will be reviewing is the Bantam Spectra mass market reissue edition, August 2005. I don’t anticipate actually calling out pages, but if I do, they will match this edition. Also, this will be a blind read-thru, by which I mean that I will not be jumping ahead or spoiling future events, except so far as my imperfect memory of the last time I tried to read the book goes, with the gaps alloyed with rampant cynicism. (By the way, ‘blind read-thru’ seems like it should be an oxymoron but isn’t, and let me apologize up front to any blind people who happen to be unfortunate enough to read this; and let me just say those skills you have with the braille screens is freaking awesome. Ahem.)

Let’s begin, then.

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