Yeah, that’s about enough of that for one year. Next year will be better. Maybe.

Hey, y’all. By the time you read this, it’ll probably be 2019. Meant to post something yesterday, but some stuff came up, as it does. So, here’s my well-wishes for the New Year. Hope it goes well for everyone, including myself.

You’ll notice that despite saying that I was going to update more (did I say that?) I haven’t really managed it. Partly because I feel that I can’t really pursue my writing while my kids are home from school, partly because I just feel severely demotivated. It happens. 😦

IΒ will finish Anubai Hero, even if it means cutting out some scenes I want to include, but I’ve learned my lesson about including a time frame. Same with A Living Will, it’ll be done when it’s done. Sorry if you’re looking forward to it, but I just can’t keep to a consistent schedule. Also why I’ve never set up a Patreon or anything like that; I just don’t think I can deliver content on a reasonable basis. :\

I do have a couple plans for the new year; I picked up Kholat for cheap on the PS store, and I plan to record myself playing that. I want to stop editing in ShareFactory, but I need to find out if my current PC has the chops to render video. We’ll see about that. I’ve also got another casual writing idea, but I haven’t written a single word about it yet, so it’s about as formless as it gets.

Well, that’s it for the year, folks. I’m gonna keep trying to make this writing thing a thing, but I’ve gotta start thinking about how to bring in money once my wife starts nursing school proper. Not a pleasant prospect, but its gotta be done. Hope you and yours are having a wonderful New Year’s, and keep a casual eye on this site for whatever I eventually manage to produce.

But for now, I’m going to try and push through the rest of Resident Evil 4.

resident evil 4_20181229213954
I wonder if I have enough healing items?

Halloween Update! Happy Samhain!

Boo! Scary Monster picture! πŸ˜€

Happy Halloween, everyone! Extra spooky points if you can pronounce “Samhain” properly. πŸ˜‰

As a Halloween bonus, I’ve added a new video to my YouTube offerings. It was originally supposed to be Murdered: Soul Suspect, but due to some technical difficulties the game was switched at the last moment to The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Which, to be fair, is probably more Halloween-esque than M:SS… ^^;

…Needs a better thumbnail. Oh, well. Thanks for bearing with me, and have a good November!

Happy Halloween, from the entire Jackel Family! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

La Mulana 2 just came out!!!!!!!!

I was seriously wondering if the project had died, but… Apparently, NIGORO announced just yesterday that it was being released today, and then released it on steam and GOG for $25.

So, if you’ll excuse me… I’ve got a game to play. 😝😝😝

By the way, if you haven’t seen the original, Deceased Crab has an excellent Let’s Play on YouTube of both the original and the original remaster. Go check it out!Β Let’s Play La-Mulana Remake:

Psst, I uploaded a video…

Really quick: I uploaded the first episode of my new video series, playing the game “Don’t Starve.” Technically, it’s “Don’t Starve Together”; unfortunately, due to my internet situation, I have to try not to starve on my own. πŸ˜›


It may seem a bit long, but please enjoy? ^^;

Also, be aware that I’m planning to be releasing another series on alternating weeks, so if DonStaTog isn’t to your taste, there will be a “classic” series as well. I hope. πŸ˜›

I’m… not sure when I’ll next get the chance to record, though… blasted school summer vacations… :\

Grr… No chapter this week.

Sorry about the late notice. But I’ve had a lot of trouble making myself sit down to write this week, and the few times I have, I didn’t make the kind of progress I expected too. AΒ  combination of bad work ethic and unreasonable standards, I guess…

So yeah. No Anubai today. I’ll post the next chapter as soon as I feel satisfied with it. This really is a pivotal moment in the book, and I don’t think I could half-ass it even if I wanted too… Sigh.

I have spent a good chunk of time over the last two weeks playing both Bloodborne and Dark Souls Remastered. In case you were wondering, DSR doesn’t change anything from the original except slightly polishing up the graphics and, much more importantly, fixing a whole lot of frame rate issues. So if you’ve already played Dark Souls to death, don’t bother picking up the remaster; on the other hand, if you haven’t played Dark Souls before, I heartily recommend you give it a try. $40 is aΒ bit expensive for a simple remaster, but new players will still get their money’s worth.

I’m currently playing a high-dex archer build, which is one I can recommend to beginners, incidentally. Being able to do high damage at range is aΒ huge advantage in Dark Souls. Also, if you have the patience to farm souls and titanite shards in the Undead Parish, it will give you a pretty big advantage in the early stages. Naturally, the advantages gained by spending extra time in early areas tapers off as you continue the game; but leave rushing through early sections until you are very familiar with your chosen play style, be it swords, bows, or turtle-ing up with a good shield and a spear. Dark Souls isn’t about leveling up your stats, it’s about leveling up your player skills. πŸ˜‰

Just for fun, I watched someone speedrun the game in about half an hour. Kinda fun to watch, but I, personally, wouldn’t enjoy playing that way. To each their own. ^^;

Anyway. I apologize again for not finishing the chapter this week. And now my son is on summer vacation, so I have to find things for him to do as well. Oh well. I’ll get it done sometime. :\

Have a good week, everyone. I’ll be back on Sunday with… something. Maybe the last three episodes of my short Evil Within Let’s Play. Maybe not. I don’t know. 😦

Grable Gorble Murgh.

…fine. I give up. 😦

I’m not going to have the chapter done today. Apologies. 😦

In addition, the weather’s taken a turn for the hot and humid, and I’m really grumpy. 😦

Just couldn’t make myself work this week. Sleeping trouble, and for some reason I played through the story campaign for Bioshock Infinite again in about two days. Not sure why, or whether I enjoyed it. But, meh. 😦

(Incidentally, it’s an example of a downer ending that I think makes… well, notΒ sense, as such, but thematically it works, and I can agree with how everything turned out. I should play the DLC at some point, though.)

Hope this isn’t depression again. Depression sucks. 😦

In any event, I’m going to keep plugging away at the chapter. I’ll definitely be done by Sunday; but I’m afraid that I won’t get theΒ other thing I wanted to get done by Sunday, done by Sunday. Bleh. 😦

It’s humid. 😦

Also, about 750 words I wrote, thinking I’d get to them this chapter, will be pushed to the next, leaving me 750 words short of where I thought I was. 😦

Sigh… on the other hand, once I start writing next week’s chapter, I’ll be 750 words in already. Guess that’s something. πŸ™‚

Later, all. I’ll get the chapter up as soon as it’s done.

P.S. I’m very psyched to start playing the original Dark Souls again. πŸ˜€

Oh, hey.

Didn’t post anything yesterday, did I… Sorry, I haven’t been feeling well this week, so I haven’t really been writing, or really doing much of anything. Um, I don’t really have anything to recommend, either… Well, I have been watching Eurogamer’s “Late to the Party” videos, those are pretty fun. Suppose I should mention that they swear a lot, though. Especially Aoife, for some reason… I love her name, though. πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit better today, so I’ll try and sit down and write. Unfortunately, I’m probably going to create a Pathfinder adventure setting, so I won’t be working on the next chapter of Anubai.

Unless I do. Who knows? It’s been sitting open on my laptop for weeks now. Makes me sad. 😦

Cough, anyway… New review on Monday, and probably a post tomorrow for no reason. Ya know, the usual. Hope everyone is having a good week. πŸ˜‰

Questionable priorities…

Hey, y’all. Hope your having a good week.

So, as expected, still don’t have that chapter done. Apology, dogeza, done. Moving on.

What I have managed to finish is my review of the Surge, which ended up being just as long as a chapter of Anubai itself. Yeah, I had a lot to say. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? You’ll have to wait until Monday to find out! πŸ˜›

…And no, I didn’t write the review early because I finished the game in four days. Please spare me that. :\

Um, let’s see, what can I suggest to entertain you this week… Oh, I know! Have you ever watched Deceased Crab’s Let’s Play of La Mulana? It makes for fun viewing, and it convinced me to pick up La Mulana myself, so I can heartily recommend it.

Ok, everyone, see you Sunday! πŸ˜€

No chapter today either. But an entertaining recommendation?

Yeah, I haven’t spent much time writing this week; just absolutely haven’t been in the mood. In return, my stress levels are down, and my taxes are almost done. So call it a wash.

From my point of view, anyway. I suppose people who are waiting for the next chapter of Anubai are more than slightly disappointed with me. And to be frank, so am I; the scenes are there in my head, but it won’t do anyone any good until I get them down on a page, and that process has been stalling badly. But if I get too hung up on that, I just stress myself out, and that’s not good for anyone either. So I’m doing my best not to engage in the cycle of self-blame, and just working on it a bit at a time.

I don’t want to leave everyone with absolutely nothing, though. So. Fairly recently the team of Outside XBox + Outside Xtra (go check them out on YouTube, if you haven’t already πŸ˜‰ ) recorded some videos of themselves playing Dungeons and Dragons, to my great amusement. (Hopefully that link works. πŸ˜› )

I happened to mention it to a friend of mine, who suggested a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called The Adventure Zone, where three brothers and their dad play 5th ed. D&D. I have been listening to it (again, on YouTube, although I am sure there are better ways) and I have found itΒ extremely fun. So yeah, that’s my rec. Go listen to the Adventure Zone. (And Outside XBox / Xtra. They are awesome too. πŸ˜€ )

Ok, I’ll be back on Sunday, and my review of AC: Syndicate will be Monday. Just so you know: my first impressions of the game were not very good, but it’s grown on me. A bit. πŸ˜›