Sunday Digest: Still no chapter, but here’s a teaser.

Good evening, everyone. Hope you are all well. Me? I’m hanging in here.

Welp, I didn’t finish Anubai chapter 23 this week. I apologized for that on Friday, though, so I’m not going to do it again. I have plans, though, oh do I have plans… 😛

Anyway, I’ve sunk some hours into ROTTR, and as expected I’m having fun. So I’ll be writing a post about that tomorrow. I’m being consistent with the wrong thing, but meh. At least it’s writing.

I also have been playing the hell out of Super Mario Odyssey, since its much easier to find opportunities to play it. I’m not going to write about it, though, so I’ll just say here: I’ve got every listed power moon in every kingdom except:

  1. 100 Jump rope record (Tricky and boring)
  2. 100 Beach volley ball record (tricky and even more boring than (1))
  3. [Redacted for spoiler, but the very final final challenge] (Fun, tricky, and unforgiving of error)

I will, eventually, get number 3, since practice will eventually pay off. Probably. But 1 and 2 are so boring, I don’t know if I will bother… I’m still missing a couple hats, though. I suspect I’ll get one for completing 3, but… I really don’t want to do the jump rope and beach volleyball challenges, so if that’s a requirement, I might not get all the hats… ;_;

Yeah, I could just look it up, but that’s boring. 😛

Well, that’s all for now. Supposedly we’ve got a major snowstorm moving in tonight, so that should be interesting. It will be even more interesting for my son, who has to walk to school through it. Poor boy. ^^;

And as thanks for reading, here’s a little teaser from near the end of Chapter 23 of the Anubai Hero:

The fat man coughed, spitting up more blood which also disappeared before it could hit the floor, and spoke. “Forgive my… sudden intrusion… I’m afraid that I don’t have time… for anything subtle…” He coughed again. “Ahhh… I haven’t felt this pain… in a long… long time… I guess… I feel responsible… this time…”

The Weaver gestured, and two of her spiders leapt at the intruder again, with as little effect as the first time. The fat man didn’t even seem to notice, as he continued speaking. “I’m… not allowed… to interfere… to intervene this far… is fairly costly…” He laughed, a low, self-deprecating sound. “This too… is Karma…

“I bring you… warning… This place… this construct… your Underworks… will collapse soon… releasing… the ancient evil… sealed within… You have no idea… it’s worse than you could expect… You need to… run…

The fat man coughed again, then suddenly stood up straight. He spoke normally for the first time, sounding almost conversational as he said, “Ah. It seems this is as far as I go. A pity; I would have liked to see how it ended–”

Sun Mia shrieked as a sudden gush of blood spurted from the fat man’s body, directly from his heart. He had a twisted smile on his face as he collapsed backwards. Only Dolgo Mehek, who had been standing closer than the others, caught his last words as he fell: “Seek safety in the Abyss.”

But before the fat man’s body hit the floor, it had vanished as abruptly as it had appeared, leaving not so much as a bloodstain behind.

Have a good week, everyone, and stop by tomorrow for my examination of Rise of the Tomb Raider! 😀


Sunday Digest: It’s been a week. That’s about it.

Happy Sunday, y’all. Sorry this comes so late, but I was away from home for much of today, and the time I was at home… Ok, I admit, I was playing the hell out of Mario Odyssey. Damn Nintendo and their addictive collect-a-thons! 😛

Anyhow, I finished the twenty-second chapter of the Anubai Hero on Friday, and I’m starting to see how things are going to play out in the climactic scenes of the book/arc/whatever. Assuming I don’t let things go completely sideways again… the Underworks were a late addition to the plot, and I hope the cracks don’t show too badly. ^^;

Other than that, I haven’t really been working on anything. I’ve been playing Dishonored most nights this week, so I’ll have something to write about tomorrow. Sneak preview: I really like the atmosphere, but I believe they made a specific misstep that makes it more difficult to enjoy the story. 😉

Let’s see, anything else… Well, I’m learning to manage my daughter a little better, I guess. I have a grasp of what triggers her behaviors, so I can avoid having to deal with a lot of screaming fits, which reduces my stress as well. Sadly, I wasn’t able to convince her to stop wearing her swimsuit to school, but at least I convinced her to wear her snowpants over it. >.>

And she insists on having about five changes of outfit in her bag, so at least they can encourage her to change clothes at school too. She has both an ECSE class and a day treatment program through Fraser in the same building, one after another, and all her teachers are excellent. And it has helped a lot; Yuki has learned so much in the past year, I can’t praise her teachers enough. 😀

This is from last summer, but that is exactly the swimsuit she’s been wearing to school. The temperature has been well below freezing outside. I sometimes wonder about my girl… :\

Well, that’s enough about my daughter. I guess I’ll try to go play a final session of Dishonored before I write my review tomorrow. Maybe find some half-decent screen shots, I haven’t really got anything too cool so far. Oh well. Have a good night, everyone. 😉


Sunday Digest: It’s annoying to me that the most frustrating part of my life isn’t the difficult platforming sections in video games.

Argh… Sorry, I would have had this out sooner, but I had to spend about two and a half hours sitting in my nearly 4-y.o. daughter’s room, trying to get her to calm down and fall asleep. She’s hit a stage where everything has to be exactly the way she wants it, or she throws a fit… It’s not an unusual thing with toddlers, of course, but her ASD makes it even harder to convince her that other people get to do the things they want, as well. (Looking back, my son was an absolute angel. I wish I had known that at the time… ^^; )

Well. It’s been a rough week all around. It was nice having the kids back in school, although there were a bunch of errands I had to run, so it was still busy. Also, I learned that I had missed an appointment with a therapist back in December, and I know for a fact that I never received a reminder of any sort before receiving the bill for a missed appointment a couple days ago. So forget them. I’ll give them the fifty dollars and go somewhere else. Oh, and I got sick on Thursday, which was the day I had set aside time to write the chapter for Friday — thus, I was only able to finish the damn chapter on Saturday.

But enough of that, let’s look at the positives, right? At least I managed to finish and post Anubai 21 this week, so I’m not falling further behind; we paid rent on time; and my wife got a new tattoo:20180107_220423

I’m… not actually sure that should count as a positive, exactly, but she’s happy with it, and so I guess I’m happy too. Incidentally, the two snowflakes represent our two children, while the books and musical notes represent me, so we will be with her all the time. My wife is kind of sweet sometimes. 🙂

I was going to talk about my gaming this week, but… it’s late, and I’m tired. Let’s do that tomorrow. Have a good night, y’all. 😉

Merry Day-After-Christmas!

Because posting on Christmas itself is too mainstream. 😛

So, I hope everyone had a happy holiday, especially those of you that don’t celebrate it commercially, as it is celebrated in the United States. 😉 But, speaking of consumerism, my wife got me a present that, unfortunately, I really, really wanted — a Nintendo Switch.

Featured here with the iconic TyrannaMario Rex. Er… I probably shouldn’t have taken this picture in a dark room… That is a Switch, I swear… ^^;

I have yet to figure out a convenient way to post screenshots, since the system won’t let me copy to my USB drive, and I don’t have a microSD card. Seriously, what are the USB ports on the docking unit even for…? :\

Setting that aside, it’s a really nice system. My wife got me both Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, which are both enjoyable in different ways, so if I get tired of one I can Switch (pun intended) to the other. I’ve mostly used it as a handheld so far, but the docking works very well. The only thing is, I only have two HDMI ports as I have mentioned in the past, so I’m currently switching out the PS4 and Switch, and leaving the video player alone. I figure I’ll leave the PS4 plugged in most of the time, since the Switch has its own screen, but it is nice to play on the big screen as well… Well, I want to get a new monitor for my computer, maybe I can find one with an HDMI port and hook one or both systems up to that, in my room… but that would require money. Damn you, money! 😛

Well, now that I’ve got an entirely new system to play on, as well as all my other PS4 games, your probably wondering how this is going to affect my writing. Honestly, I’m not sure. It’s true that the time I have to write is shared with my time to play games; basically, the four hours a day that I have no kids in the house is my potential writing time, and also the time I have to play games that I wouldn’t want to play in front of them. The thing is, those games are entirely on my PS4; neither Zelda nor Mario is a game I can’t play with my kids around. Plus, I don’t occupy the TV while on the Switch (or I don’t have to, anyway) so I can have a movie running for the kids while I play. It doesn’t work for writing, since 1. my daughter likes to sit in my lap while I’m working; 2. I need a lot of focus to write, or it doesn’t happen. Neither of which affect my gaming. (Well, OK, that’s not completely true, since my daughter jogging my elbow tends to affect my ability to game successfully, but you get the idea.) It’s easier to pause a game and come back to it than a line of thought, you know? 😉

That will be next week, however. This week, both kids are still on winter break, leaving me very little time to myself. Oh, well. At least they’re cute. 😀

Anyway, all that aside, I don’t anticipate having a chapter of Anubai done by Friday. I’ve been teasing out an idea, and if it comes together, I’ll be able to post something by New Year’s — but frankly, don’t hold your breath. Chances are I won’t be ready for anything until a week from Friday, with the next Anubai chapter. BUT! After that, regular updates! This is a writing blog, dammit! I will write stories! Roar! 😀 😛 😉

Ahem. Sorry about that. Happy Holidays again, and I leave you with a picture of completely-not-disturbing-at-all Amusement Park!

Does anyone else feel like that heart was actually ripped out of the castle? Brrr… 😐

Oh, that reminds me. Nier:Automata is fun, too. 😉

Sunday Digest: It’s a writing blog, I swear.

As proof, I did actually post Chapter 20 of the Anubai Hero on Wednesday. Go me! Now, I’d like to keep that up… but my children are on Winter break from school, and as I believe I’ve mentioned before, I absolutely can’t write with my daughter home. (Something about how she sits in my lap and randomly presses the keys… 😛 )

So, I’ll try to get another chapter out in the next two weeks, but no promises. Come the new year, though, I will be pushing a heavier writing schedule on myself, so I think I can guarantee at least a chapter a week in January. Possibly. I hope. ^^;

Setting that aside, I finished Horizon: Zero Dawn, and I seriously can’t recommend it enough. If you get a chance to play the game, you should. Seriously.

As for Nier:Automata, it’s definitely very different from Horizon, despite both being set after the end of the world. The combat systems are very different, the art direction is very different, and the protagonists’ motivations are very, very different. I’d say the biggest similarity between the two is a certain sense of melancholy, that something important was lost, and will never come back…

…Well, I haven’t pushed far into N:A yet, so I guess we’ll see how long that lasts. 😉

Have a wonderful winter, everyone, and thanks for reading! (Unless you live south of the equator, of course, in which case have a wonderful summer. The thanks remain the same, though. 😀 )

…Er, I thought I had a picture of 2B handy, but it looks like I forgot to copy it. Uh, ok, here’s Aloy instead.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171204131029
Oh, I guess that’s another trait she shares with 2B: neither smile very much.

Sunday Digest: For some reason, a dream journal?

Hey, everyone! Once again, a week with no chapters, sorry about that. I’ve learned that it is completely 100% impossible to write while my daughter is home, so I’m reworking my schedule to take that into consideration. Tentatively, a new chapter of Anubai next Friday, if I can control my impulse to write a dark Super Mario fanfiction. 😛

So, that leaves me with nothing to do but discuss Horizon pictures today… or it would if I hadn’t had a seriously crazy dream last night. Like, seriously crazy.

First of all, I was completely aware that it was a dream. Like, I was lucid to the point where I actually felt like I was really awake. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a dream that intensely real, and it was pretty cool.

But here’s where it starts to get strange: I was completely convinced, in my dream, that I was having a prophetic dream, and that what I was dreaming about was going to happen in the future. For instance, my daughter was wearing a dress that we don’t own, so I thought that she’d get that dress in the near future. (Unfortunately, I don’t remember what it looked like. 😛 )

Incidentally, I tried to explain to two women whom I was sitting at a table with, eating a meal, that it was actually, currently, the past, and I was simply dreaming about the future. Unsurprisingly, they looked at me like I was crazy. Kinda hard to blame them. 😉

But wait, it gets crazier. It seems my dream was drawing on elements of some stealth assassination game like Assassin’s Creed or Dishonored, or possibly Hitman? Anyway, I don’t think it was a game that actually exists, but I definitely snuck into some people’s mansion disguised as a… chair. (!?!)

Naturally, no one saw through my clever chair disguise (!?!) despite the fact that the chair kept moving when no one was watching it. Well, until one old guy came into the room, took a long hard look at the chair (!?!), and naturally came to the conclusion that someone was hiding inside it.

Oddly, he wasn’t too upset about it, since he figured that it was me, and that I was there to help them out. See, the whole family was suffering from some sort of curse, and he thought that I could sort the whole thing out. Er… either that, or I already had, and that’s why he wasn’t upset that I was skulking around. I can’t quite remember which. It does sort of beg the question of why I had to disguise myself as a chair (!?!) to get in, but yeah, dream logic I guess.

I have a feeling some other stuff happened, but I don’t really remember it. No matter how lucid the dream, it still becomes fuzzy afterwards. Either that, or it’s because I whacked my head on my bookcase in my sleep twice last night. (Don’t ask.) (Also, ow.) :\

Anyway, enough of that. How about a Stormbird? 😀

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171208065555

Look at those sparks… So cool… But you know what isn’t cool?

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171208081413

When your hard-fought loot ends up landing on an inaccessible part of the mountain. That isn’t cool at all. ;_;

See you next week, everyone! 😀

Sunday Digest: What am I even doing?

Well, ok. Instead of writing and posting chapters, I spent my free time this week playing Horizon, taking screenshots, and posting them instead. I imagine those of you who come to read my stories are getting a little tired of it… but honestly, y’all, I haven’t been this enthused about a game for a long time, so please let me off the hook?

As a matter of fact, I have started writing the next chapter of Anubai, which should be the last one about Mehek and his daughter for a while. The going is slow, however, since I realized belatedly that my original intentions were… not unworkable, but of dubious narrative quality. So I’m quietly adjusting the trajectory a bit… Well, never mind. Chapter will be done when it’s done. Que sera, sera.

In the meantime, how about some screenshots? 😛

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171130234816

Here you can see War Chief Sona inviting us to go murder some murderers, and a good time will no doubt be had by all! Oh, and a beautiful mountain forest in the background, can’t forget that. 😀

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171130235018

…The guy standing behind Aloi is creeping me out a bit, though. Maybe he’s just stunned by how bizarre the headgear of this expensive stealth armor is? 😐

Anyway. I’m going to keep posting screenshots until people ask me to stop, but I promise that I am writing as well. Eventually, your patience will be rewarded. Eventually. :\

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday season, and stay healthy! Don’t catch a cold and lose your voice like someone I could mention (myself, of course.) Later! 😉

I was tempted to pretend like this was a “Hello World” post like I had reset the site, but fortunately the impulse passed.

Hey there. Sorry about the deafening silence from me lately. I know that there are at least two people interested in seeing my stories continue, and I apologize. I admit, I haven’t even touched a keyboard to write since I stood up from my last post, until I sat down to write this one.

If you want a reason… basically, I succumbed to my rather chronic depression. The combination of the stress from the move, the daily battle of living with an autistic child (which I will talk about at length, on another occasion) and… various other moments, which I don’t feel like explicating, had left me in a very dark place.

Fortunately, my wife is wonderful, and once she realized how bad I had gotten, she forced me to start go see a doctor. You might ask me, “Hey, if you knew you were having problems, why didn’t you go see someone yourself? Why did your long-suffering wife have to force you to?”

Well, that’s the thing. When your depressed, you don’t want to get better. You don’t want to improve, or feel healthy again — you just want everything to go away and leave you alone. Possibly permanently. At least, that is my experience, and I’ve read accounts from others who have had the same experience with depression. So there you go.

So I went in to the doctor, and after consulting with him, we decided that I would go on medication for a while. I’m… not a big fan of medication, but he assured me that we could see if it was effective for a month, and that I wouldn’t need to be on it for longer than a year.

Plus, I was in counselling before, and I couldn’t say whether or not it was helping me. So there’s that.

So yeah, I’m on some anti-depressant for a while. (Don’t ask me the name, I don’t remember, and I don’t feel like checking the bottle. 😛 ) It’s fairly mild, as I understand it, and I haven’t seen any of the described possible side effects, so that’s good. Mind you, I haven’t noticed my mood particularly improving either, so meh.

So yeah. I’ve just been trying to recover my motivation for all things, not just writing. Frankly, I dropped a large number of web novels I had been reading, just because I wasn’t interested in reading them anymore. And that’s too bad, because some of them were actually pretty good. Like “The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time.” Wonder how that one’s been getting on. Oh well.

So yeah. No new chapters until I get my head on straight. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I’ll try to post something every once in a while, about what I have been doing. Hopefully, they’ll be less of a downer than this particular post. Sorry ’bout that.

I’ve been playing the remastered version of Darksiders on my PS4 the past week or so. Maybe I’ll do a quick review of that.

Thanks for listening, and take care, everyone. 🙂

A silent wind blows…

There was a vast plain, a savanna of scrub and dust — but the scrub was galaxies, and the dust, nebulae.

In the center of this black, yet elegant plain, a single black-backed jackal slept peacefully. Yet, after a moment, the jackal opened its eyes, revealing the glow of dying stars in their depths.

The jackal yawned widely, and spoke into the beautiful emptiness.

“I am given to understand that you are searching for the creator of this place. You may wonder why he seems to have gone silent.

“Well. It is unfortunate, but the creator has fallen into a depressive state once more.”

The jackal tilted his head in a canine shrug. “Creators are like that, sadly. His actual words were ‘I’m going on a journey, don’t look for me,’ but even I recognize that as a cliché.

“So, those who wonder what will happen to the divergent soul named Gan Zhu, will have to wait a while longer. I will tell you this: that story is nowhere near its end, and it will continue until an end is reached. My word on it.

“There have also been signs of life, if you’ll excuse the expression, from the story of my friend Jurisanti’s favorite servant, the being currently known as ‘Zedda’. Those who seek A Living Will, might just have something to look forward to in the future.

“But, that is for the future. For now, we wait for the creator to climb back out of the darkness he has retreated into. It is not my place to ask patience of you… nevertheless, please be patient.”

The jackal yawned, then laid his head down to sleep once again. A final murmur resounded the starry plain.

“I, too, will soon return…”

Sunday. Was there something I was supposed to do today?

…Oh yeah.

Well, it’s still Sunday, I suppose. Hope everyone had a good week. I got a chapter of Anubai out, yay. Next chapter Friday. I hope. My daughter has one day of school this week, and my son has only two. So, I have to watch them all week, which isn’t exactly conducive to smooth writing. Meh.

I should start studying Korean again. I spent the last few days reading a Korean web novel called God of Cooking (which is excellent, although I’m not sure that it’s actually about cooking 😛 ) and I ran out of translated chapters, making me regret that I couldn’t read the piece in it’s native Korean. Of course, by the time I got my Korean to a level where I could read it, the translator may have finished the series anyway… ^^;

…or not. The translated chapters stand at 168, but apparently there are 676 chapters total, and it’s still ongoing. Hmm, my beginning Korean textbooks are on the shelf over there… 😛

I’ve mentioned in the past that I play Go, right? The very small Go club I belong to has started up again, although we only meet up once a month. So I’ve played a few games of Go, recently, which makes me happy. Although, I’ve won them all, which makes me a little sad… losing games is good for your growth, as a Go player. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve become more skilled, especially since I haven’t been practicing, so is it just that I’ve lost fewer skills than my friends? Weird feeling. :\

Anyway, I’m tired. Have a good night, everyone, and I’ll see you later this week. 😀