Sunday Digest: Metal, metal, metal

Good evening, everyone! Ah, it seems like this digest post is coming out late, huh? I assure you, it isn’t because I completely forgot it was Sunday… ^^;

Well, actually, it really wasn’t. For the first time in a while, my Go club met this morning, so I got to play a couple games. Which was fun, but my skill and knowledge has definitely dropped… well, maybe I shouldn’t say that since I won both games. But it could have gone either way! πŸ˜›

…I kinda feel like talking a bit more about Go, but let’s leave that for a separate post sometime.

Anyway, the sixteenth chapter of the Anubai Hero was released on Friday, featuring a couple of guest characters from the writings of OhMarioWV! To his slight surprise. But he was kind enough to allow it, and help me adjust the speech patterns, so thanks to him once more! πŸ˜€ Continue reading


Sunday Digest: The road ahead

Hey there, everyone. As you noticed, there was no chapter this week, exactly like I said there wouldn’t be. So, that makes me trustworthy and reliable, right? Right? :\

I’m thinking that I won’t have a lot of time to write in the next few weeks, either, so I have no idea when I’ll finally have Anubai 16 ready to go. I entirely intend to get us all off that cliff I left us on, but… Well, things are happening. So we’ll all just have to wait.

In the mean time, I think I’ll dive into my extensive pile of “incomplete” writings, just to give everyone something to look at while I’m dealing with other things. Such as this week’s entry, a prologue(?) for a somewhat more typical fantasy novel than I usually write. I had some interesting moments in mind, but I didn’t really have a solid plot for it, so… it stalled in the first chapter. I do hope to return to it sometime… but that time isn’t now. πŸ˜‰

Keeping it short, I put together a (relatively) simple model this week:


An electric lead guitar. It was a little fiddly attaching the back to the front, but I got it done in the end. Single sheet, so it didn’t take too long either. I have started on the last model in my possession, which will also be the last model I put together at my current place — look forward to it! πŸ˜‰

As for prepping for moving… well, it’s questionable how well it’s going, but at least I’ve reviewed all the stuff I own by this point, and I’m considering what I can get rid of. It still seems like there is too much to do, but… have to get it done somehow. 😦

Alright, I’m supposed to be working on my closet right now, so back to work. Good luck, everyone. πŸ˜€

Sunday Digest: I’m overwhelmed by all the crap I own.

Evening, everyone. Let’s get this started before I run out of Sunday. Again.

Starting with the model front, here’s my new U-Boat:


Uh, blurrier when I see it on the screen, maybe I should get another one. Well, good enough for now. As you can see, the side is open so you can see “inside” the sub. Which is cool, but I can’t help feeling like I should be posting little notes, like “this is the bunk room” or “this is the engine room”… and since I don’t actually know what they are, it would be kind of tough for me.

But I had a lot of fun putting it together! I get a little giddy with these complicated models, although they don’t always turn out for the best. For instance… Continue reading

Sunday Digest: Pork is delicious

And easy to digest. Get it? …Never mind. I’ve got a headache today, probably because I played fast and loose with my diet this weekend. As the song says, you pay for what you get. :\

Actually, I’ve had kind of a good weekend — my anniversary was on Friday, and I went with my wife to the Minnesota State Fair, which was fun. Also, my younger sister had her wedding ceremony yesterday, and that was good too. Got to see a lot of relatives I don’t see too often anymore, now that my grandma passed on. So yeah. Shouldn’t have eaten the cake, though. Damn carbs. πŸ˜›

Anyway, got last weeks chapter of Anubai done this week instead… so do I owe you guys an extra chapter in the future? I’ll keep it in mind. No progress made anywhere else, although I’ve been tempted to start a sci fi story, just because. But, y’know, space — who wants to deal with space, y’know? πŸ™‚

On the model front, finished up the Roman Colosseum, which was pretty fun. I also put together a couple of single sheet models, which are pretty simple in comparison: The Golden Gate Bridge, and a UH-1 Huey.

Oh, and I forgot to present it last week, but that WWI airplane is a Fokker D-VII. Just so you know. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. I’m going to go nurse this headache a bit. Stay healthy, everyone. πŸ˜€

Sunday Digest: Working hard, or hardly working…

Hello, my loyal readers! You truly deserve better than me — I didn’t even finish a single chapter this week. Sadness. I hope you enjoyed the preview for the next chapter of Anubai, though, which I deliberately left at the point where we were just about to learn a big secret about the MC! …Actually, I’m kind of a jerk. πŸ˜›

Anyway. Those who glanced at the main menu above might have noticed a new addition. Yes, I now have a gallery displaying all my Metal Earth models! Woo! Incidentally, I received a couple questions about my experiences from Solomaize over on Volare’s comment sections, and rather than derail that particular thread any farther, I decided to add a little explanation at the bottom of the new page. So, check that out too, and if you have any other questions, please ask; I love talking about my models. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of my models… M-1 Abrams get! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Continue reading

Sunday Digest: Because Alchemy!

Ok, first of all: The full chapter 13 of The Anubai Hero has been posted! Go check it out! Unfortunately, I ended up updating over the initial preview chapter due to technical difficulties, so it didn’t send out a notification that I posted it. Something for me to avoid in the future.

I also did some work on a different piece this week, but… it’s not ready for the light of day yet. I need to advance it to the point where people can see the main gimmick first… Oh, and it’s supposed to be comedic, but I’m already asking myself “Is this actually funny?” so let’s just take that with a grain of salt, shall we?

Second and third, I finished my train! Continue reading

Sunday Digest: I’m pumped!

What am I pumped about? I’ve finally got a M1 Abrahms! …model. πŸ˜‰

So yeah, once I’m done with my train, I’ll get started on that, and then I’ll have five tanks! Wao! πŸ˜€

Speaking of my train…


Here is a Gondola Freight Car, and for some reason part of a cup of iced tea. I’m not sure why the tea is there but the Gondola car “Is a close relative to the flat car but has low ribbed sides that make it useful for many types of loads. It is often referred to as the ‘do anything car’.” Hey, if it can do ‘anything’ then can it carry loads into SPACE!? Yeah, didn’t think so. πŸ˜‰

Cough, anyway, I finished chapter 12 of Anubai, so if you haven’t read that yet, give it a go and tell me what you think. Personally, I wish the two characters who are supposed to fight at the drop of a hat wouldn’t spend half the chapter chattering at each other, but what can I do? There’s some history there, y’know? ^^; Continue reading

Sunday digest: technically, it’s Monday again, of course.

Hey, everyone. It’s me. I really didn’t write anything last week, and technically I only started writing chapter 12 yesterday. A little after midnight yesterday, actually. So yeah, it’s only about [checks quickly] a quarter done. Eh, I’m really kinda enthused about the scene, though I am slightly worried about how to get certain people out safely… Well, never mind. I’ll get it done soon. Soon-ish. We’ll see.

In other news… well, my daughter has been officially diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, so yeah. That kinda sucks. We suspected it, of course, and it isn’t as bad as it could be… but, she’s going to require a lot of help to catch up to other kids her age, and I can’t help but feel a little helpless about it. We already have her in speech therapy and occupational therapy, and we are on the wait list for a couple classes that will be very helpful for her…

I suppose the good news would be, insurance should pay for most of it. Small blessings, right?

Ok, enough of that. I completed the engine of my train… hang on, let me go grab a picture quick…


There we go. Let’s see, the description on the packaging is:

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive – Is a 4-axle diesel-electric road-switcher locomotive built by the General Motors Electro-Motive Division between November 1965 and December 1971. The engine can generate up to 3000 hp.

So yeah, I’m not sure what any of that actually means, but it sure sounds cool, right? Next week will be the gondola car.

Thanks for reading, and please bear with me, the chapter will be done soon, I promise.

Well, soon-ish. :\

Sunday Digest: The more things stay the same.

Thanks to my usual commentators for their responses to last weeks question. As you can see, I haven’t chosen to implement PatreonΒ yet, but I reserve the right to sell out at any moment… πŸ˜‰

(…Anyone want to buy an IP? πŸ˜› )

Setting that aside. I finally sat down and wrote Anubai 11, which turned out ok. I was slightly tempted to timeslip back to when Gan Zhu actually returned to NPC for chapter 12, thus delaying the first major fight scene even further… but don’t worry, I decided that was too much trolling, even for me. πŸ˜€

So the timeslip will happen after the fight instead. Don’t worry, it will all make sense eventually. πŸ˜‰

On the metal model front:


Well. At least I got started. πŸ˜‰

…Hey, it just occurred to me that this model train actually has five cars. Meaning, I can reveal one car per week, and stretch this model out over five weeks. Heck yeah! πŸ˜›

…Not counting this one, obviously. orz

Well, anyway. I hope everyone had a good week, and take care of yourselves! I can’t afford to lose any readers! πŸ˜€

Sunday Digest: Decision time (and bears!)


I got a few things to get through today, and I’ve been it off until now, so lets just jump straight into it. First, you may notice that I have not posted the next chapter of Anubai, or anything else this week. I’m sorry, I have no excuse.

Or rather, I have plenty of excuses, but I’m not going to burden you with them, since it’s a lot of same old, same old. One fun story though: I spent a great deal of time thinking about how the various parties are going to be entering this fight, and I have a good solid progression in mind — but when I sat down to write, I realized I didn’t have any idea at all about how to actually start the conversation at the beginning of the chapter. I got a few words down, and then I set it aside to work on it later, and never came back. Writing is hard. 😦

Anyway, once I finally get concentrated on it, it should flow more smoothly. I think. 😐

Second thing: I built Notre Dame. πŸ˜›


You see those pseudo-arch like things around the building? Those were time consuming. It turned out fairly nice though, with one major error which is completely unrecognizable unless you know exactly where to look — and I’m not telling. πŸ˜‰

I have exactly one model left in stock, which is actually five models: the train I showed you in an earlier post. After that… well, I’ll probably take a break from models. At least until the metal Gundam models come out. πŸ˜‰

Thirdly… well. I’d like to talk about my family’s circumstances for a bit. Feel free to skip to the end, if you don’t want to hear about my life. πŸ˜› Continue reading