Eg-Lana Diaries, Day of Blood-soaked Dream

…We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open…

Fear the old blood.


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Day of the Blood-soaked Dream

I had a terrible dream last night… was it a single night? A dream of blood and darkness, and beasts that were once men…

Thank goodness we’re still here, in Eg-Lana, where it is safe. Continue reading


Eg-Lana Diaries, Day Whatever

Wonder what’ll happen if you don’t take these ruins seriously?

You’ll wind up like me… Do as I say, not as I did. Take a good, long, hard look at yourself.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: 270, Moon Altar

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Day something or other, who cares, let’s go grab some more stuff.

I’m not crazy. I’m not. Let’s go back to Icefire Treetop. I realize we just found another entrance to Ancient Chaos, but that place scares me. Let’s go. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 40?

The labyrinth of the winged. Wherein the Celestial Disk is housed. A response will be given to the word that represents Heaven.

-Tablet, 3rd Child: Olympian, Dragon Path

How blinded by gold do you have to be?

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Nitori, Amano-Iwato

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Day…40? 41? It’s hard to say anymore…

…What was I doing? I remember something unpleasant…


…No, never mind, I don’t remember anything. Let’s… yes, let’s explore the area underneath the chest where we found the Map. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 32

The mantra-harnessing Alfr hidden relic, the Djed Pillar. It is fated to be swallowed by Kujata, the Guardian of Lokapala creation.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Alfr, Huracan’s Room

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Day 32: That’s a whole lotta bull!

Well, we’ve got a flying ship in our pocket, we’ve got a chain to use as a whip, and we’ve got at least one Ankh Jewel — let’s go hunt us a Guardian!

Here we go, take 2!

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 29-31

Ye who seek to bear the Gale Fibula must first pass the spear-bereft beast. Only then shall you dash like the wind incarnate, your human potential unlocked.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Lokapala, Wind Altar

Someone told me that jellyfish melt when they die. Without leaving any trace. What will you leave behind when you die? Money? Material possessions? All I’ve got is these here bones.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Maruchu, Bifrost

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Day 31: Collecting fallen loot on the Immortal Battlefield. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 23-24

Scan the mantra-engraved walls. Their words hold power. Those with the Djed Pillar will be able to harness mantras. They will unleash the selecting of mantras curated by the virtual wise man.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Alfr, Serpent King Watchtower

Ha, finally found a boat down here. Lemme just get it down… Oh…

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Boat Enthusiast, Xmucane’s Room

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Day 24: I knew we we missing something!

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 22

The cog of ancient times lies with the twins. It will be revealed by the accumulated power of ancient storms.

-Tablet, 3rd Child: Olympian, Chapel of Silence

So you’re going to the Underworld. When I visited the Underworld, my brother Osiris was Underworld deity.

To gain audience with Osiris, you will have to receive Maat’s Judgement. Present the proof of your judgement to Osiris’ servant, Anubis. To gain audience with Osiris, you must also solve the three riddles given to you by Anubis.

This is all I know.

-Isis, 5th Child: Ennead, Mother Goddess’s Room

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Day 22: To walk a bloodstained path. Continue reading