Halloween Update! Happy Samhain!

Boo! Scary Monster picture! 😀

Happy Halloween, everyone! Extra spooky points if you can pronounce “Samhain” properly. 😉

As a Halloween bonus, I’ve added a new video to my YouTube offerings. It was originally supposed to be Murdered: Soul Suspect, but due to some technical difficulties the game was switched at the last moment to The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Which, to be fair, is probably more Halloween-esque than M:SS… ^^;

…Needs a better thumbnail. Oh, well. Thanks for bearing with me, and have a good November!

Happy Halloween, from the entire Jackel Family! 😀 😀 😀

Sunday Update: We have come to the end of my Spider-Odyssey

Well. That went… well? I have finished creating, and more importantly finished uploading, my Hubris Run of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Go, me? ^^;

It ended up being 16 episodes… You’d think it’d be easier to figure out the total length, but I found an online app to figure it out for me: 12 hours, 29 minutes. Honestly, I think the episodes are a little too long; in the future, I’m going to aim for around 30 minutes, which admittedly means that I’ll have more videos total, but it might not drive off people who probably don’t want to hear me drone on for an hour… Anyway.

I don’t expect any further updates this week, neither videos nor writing, because I’m going to be gearing up for NaNoWriMo again. Over the course of November I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but again, don’t expect too much in the way of content until I’m done there. But come December, I’m going to dive back into my webnovels again — although, which webnovel is an open question. 😉

Now, with that out of the way… I went with my family to Sever’s Corn Maze last Thursday, and I’d like to share a few pictures, if I may… 😀

Amusingly, my daughter insisted on wearing her Halloween costume, which happens to be a construction worker outfit. Can I just say how gratifying it is as a parent when your child voluntarily puts on a high visibility vest to wear in a crowded environment? 😉

Have a good Halloween, y’all! Just maybe, I’ll post something special on the 31st… 😀 😀 😀

Sunday Update: More Spider-shenanigans!

Hey there, everyone! I’ve discovered a method of uploading videos from my phone, meaning I can upload more videos per week… but it’s a pain in the butt, so I’m not going to do it more than once per day. Plus, I can’t do everything I want from my phone… Whatever. It works.

The upshot is, there are four more Spider-Man videos to watch as of today. Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNDWdOOk5Q1uqA-Izkqcgi1BGGF9J9s7U

For what it’s worth, my son is enjoying watching them. 😉

I’ve been putting some thought into what I want to write about this November. I had initially decided to work on a fantasy story, but I’ve been slightly leaning towards a Sci-fi VR game story instead. But, maybe I should write about a dimension-wandering android… Oh, well, I’ll figure it out. 😀

Have a good week, everyone! Expect a new episode of Spider-Man every day, until I finish my run. 😉

Sunday Update: Spider-Jackel hybrid? Nah, it’d never work.

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week!

Like I teased last week, I’m doing a series of videos on Marvel’s Spider-Man. Specifically, I’m doing what I have termed a ‘hubris’ run: blind playthrough, no side quests or extra experience, and no unlocks beyond what is unlocked by the story line. Well, although I have enough gameplay recorded so far for nine videos already, I’ve only minimally edited two — so here they are!

…Uh, I actually didn’t expect that to embed. Oops. :\

Well, never mind, here’s a text link if you prefer. 😉

Moving on, I’ll be uploading more episodes as I get them edited and, more difficult, when I have a connection to upload them on. Oh, and I feel that ShareFactory makes certain things difficult… but hey, it’s free. 😛

I’m not sure when I’ll be done with Spider-Man, but it will definitely be before the end of the month. November is going to be pure writing, and then December I’ll go back to working on my web novels. So if you aren’t interested in the various ways I get the web-slinger killed, you can go ahead and check out till then. I don’t mind. ;_;

Anyway, have a good week, y’all, and take care of yourselves! 😀

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day of Monocycle Combat

The thing about nightmares is sooner or later, you wake up. But there’s no waking up from this place. Which means I’m really here, I’m really doing these things. No. Don’t think about it, Lara. Not now. It won’t help.


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Day of Monocycle Combat

Another strange dream today, of another young archaeologist and ruin explorer… but it seems that she could have used some more ninja training. Ah well, not everyone can be as fortunate as Lumisa. Speaking of which, let’s go put that training to good use! Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day of Blood-soaked Dream

…We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open…

Fear the old blood.


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Day of the Blood-soaked Dream

I had a terrible dream last night… was it a single night? A dream of blood and darkness, and beasts that were once men…

Thank goodness we’re still here, in Eg-Lana, where it is safe. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day Whatever

Wonder what’ll happen if you don’t take these ruins seriously?

You’ll wind up like me… Do as I say, not as I did. Take a good, long, hard look at yourself.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: 270, Moon Altar

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Day something or other, who cares, let’s go grab some more stuff.

I’m not crazy. I’m not. Let’s go back to Icefire Treetop. I realize we just found another entrance to Ancient Chaos, but that place scares me. Let’s go. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 40?

The labyrinth of the winged. Wherein the Celestial Disk is housed. A response will be given to the word that represents Heaven.

-Tablet, 3rd Child: Olympian, Dragon Path

How blinded by gold do you have to be?

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Nitori, Amano-Iwato

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Day…40? 41? It’s hard to say anymore…

…What was I doing? I remember something unpleasant…


…No, never mind, I don’t remember anything. Let’s… yes, let’s explore the area underneath the chest where we found the Map. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 32

The mantra-harnessing Alfr hidden relic, the Djed Pillar. It is fated to be swallowed by Kujata, the Guardian of Lokapala creation.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Alfr, Huracan’s Room

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Day 32: That’s a whole lotta bull!

Well, we’ve got a flying ship in our pocket, we’ve got a chain to use as a whip, and we’ve got at least one Ankh Jewel — let’s go hunt us a Guardian!

Here we go, take 2!

Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 29-31

Ye who seek to bear the Gale Fibula must first pass the spear-bereft beast. Only then shall you dash like the wind incarnate, your human potential unlocked.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Lokapala, Wind Altar

Someone told me that jellyfish melt when they die. Without leaving any trace. What will you leave behind when you die? Money? Material possessions? All I’ve got is these here bones.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Maruchu, Bifrost

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Day 31: Collecting fallen loot on the Immortal Battlefield. Continue reading