Thought exercise: Remaking a game

So, I’ve got a hypothetical question for y’all: if you could remake an old game, without worrying about things like budget, or permissions, etc., what would it be?

In my case, I would love to see a remake of Wild Arms 3. For those unfamiliar with the Wild Arms games (you heathens 😛 ), they were a series of Western-themed JRPGs from the early Playstation era; WA3 was the first for the PS2. By the way, when I say “Western-themed” I mean “Wild West-themed”; gun-toting protagonists drifting through a desert wasteland, surviving from day to day, and trying to prevent the inevitable decay of the world. OK, that last point isn’t a traditional Western trope, but Wild Arms also has deep Sci-fi roots as well, beneath the surface fantasy stuff, so it fits really well, somehow. Oh, and the fusion produced some absolutely wonderful BGM. So there’s that. 😀

By the way, I assume that if you haven’t played the game, you’re not going to, so beware of unmarked spoilers. (On the other hand, I just checked, and its available on PSN for PS4, for 15 bucks. I suddenly have 100% more motivation to get my PS4 registered to my account.) 😉 Continue reading

Day 28

So. First order of business: insomnia sucks. I literally did not sleep yesterday night. I am now extraordinarily tired. So there’s that.

Second. I spent a lot of time thinking about in what direction to take this story next. I think I got some good ideas, supported by stuff I had written before — but I didn’t actually do much writing. So I’m going to have to work hard tomorrow.

Third. I’m really, really tired. Oyasumi.


Total Words: 45723 (389 today. Why did I even bother…?)

Words left: 4277

On par: -953 (Oh yeah. This is why I bothered…)


On the fourth floor, in the small room she had been assigned to when she first arrived in Reclamation Kingdom’s Capital, Aya Firewheel lay curled up on her bed. Her emotions were a chaotic mess of guilt, hate, fear, and generous amounts of self-loathing. Because of her, Mary Lionstar, her mentor, surregate mother, and friend, had her magic sealed away by the power of the king of this godforsaken Kingdom. She should never have agreed to let Briar Sevon come here, it was all her fault … her thoughts circled around and around, giving her no relief.

After ascertaining that she hadn’t been hurt, the vice store leader, a man by the name of Firedeep, had ordered Aya to stay in her room, basically under house arrest, until Roger Bladefang returned. Aya had gone willingly; she couldn’t stand seeing the lost and forsaken look on Mary’s face. Along with protecting Maledicta, Aya was supposed to defend the people and interests of the Foursquare Cartel. Instead, she had brought them calamity, and the involuntary betrayal burned in her mind.

On top of everything else, she had a splitting headache. She felt weirdly grateful to it, actually; it was distracting her from her guilt.

I ain’t dead

Yeah. I’m not dead. Neither is the site. But I haven’t written anything in a while. Just haven’t been in the mood. It’s not because of A Game of Thrones

It’s mostly not because of A Game of Thrones. But I’ve spent the last couple weeks just reading a whole bunch of translated novels, and spinning out various scenarios inside my head. Sadly, none of this has been written down, so it’s been mostly wasted effort…

Anyway, I notice that people keep hitting my site here, and I wanted to assure anyone interested that I do plan to keep doing my read-thru of AGoT. Due to changes in my schedule, I’m not sure a Wednesday release date will work for me anymore, though. I’m not sure what would be better, but I’ll be resuming soon. I promise. Thanks for reading.


Insert dogeza here (now with more fail!)

So. You might have noticed that I missed Wednesday’s post. Worse yet, I didn’t post anything explaining why. Sorry about that.

Just so you know, I’m OK. But a number of things have caused me to delay writing the post for the next chapter, plus I want to handle it a little carefully…well, you’ll understand once I post it, I think.

I’m going to look for some time to write this weekend, so the delayed chapter should go up Saturday or Sunday. The chapter after that should go up on its normal day, Wednesday. Sorry, and thanks for your indulgence. Yeah that didn’t happen. Damn it. Fine, the next Catelyn chapter will go up on Wednesday. After that…we’ll see.

(Oh, and I’m going to try and hammer out Chapter 3 of A Living Will sometime in the next couple weeks. Mostly, I need to stop getting sidetracked and start the actual plot. 😦 )


Hey there. Dan here. Happy New Year, everyone. I’m breaking character for this post, just so you know.

So I’m taking a couple weeks off, here, and I thought I’d let you guys know. Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ve been at least vaguely entertaining. Anyway, it being year’s end and all, I thought I’d just make a meta-post to talk about a few things I’ve had on my mind. Continue reading

Let’s Read A Game of Thrones! Part 19: Catelyn 4

Ah. That time again, is it?


Awww, play with us some more!

Sorry, I have some work to do. We can play again later.



Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week’s chapter of A Game of Thrones. Once again, no one is around –


We are!

– except the puppies. Did you happen to see where that spirit went, little ones? Or Fang of Shadow?


The spirit lady got lost! We don’t smell her anymore! And Big Brother is really busy!

Wow… that’s worrisome in a lot of ways. Well, anyway, we have another Catelyn chapter today, so I’ll try to keep the vitriol to a minimum.

Continue reading

So, what can I say?

Hey, this is Dan Moncur, the human behind the Dark Jackel. He’d claim that he’s the one behind me, but whatever.

Last week, pretty much the day my last post went live, I was handed a piece of rather bad news. As a result, I am now looking for paying work. Such is life.

I spent the week since then polishing my resume, and considering whether to change the direction of my career. (Short conclusion: yes, if at all possible.) I had still intended to get the post for this week done, of course, and just before I sat down to write, I decided to drive to the gas station and get some cheap coffee.

And then the starter battery in my car died.

In a way, this was very fortunate; the next person due to leave was my wife, and we would have really been scrambling if she had learned that she needed a ride just before she had to leave. On the other hand, it does mean I had to spend hours tracking down the proper sized battery for my car, instead of writing for this blog.

And so, the next chapter of A Game of Thrones won’t go live til tomorrow. Sorry about that. Also, due to the aforementioned work situation, I most likely won’t get my review of the Acts of Caine up on Sunday. I’ll try. But I’ll probably fail.


Abject apologies aside, thank you for reading my insane, inane ramblings, and I hope you find them somewhat amusing. Oh, and go read some of the Unshaved Mouse‘s stuff, he’s been involved in some interesting things lately. Like VR.

Yours, Dan.