The Anubai Hero, Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The sun shone down on an airy pavilion, set in one corner of the grounds of the extensive estate belonging to the Fan clan. The courtyard around it had once belonged to the mother of Fan Bin, a concubine named Jai Yana, and Fan Bin had appropriated it for himself after his mother had been killed. Of course, he had been the one to kill her.

It wasn’t that Fan Bin had ever been mistreated by his mother. Jai Yana had been one of Fan Gen’s many, many concubines; in fact, she had been the lowest ranking among them. She was simply a commoner who had been forcibly kidnapped off the streets of North Pine City due to Fan Gen’s sudden whim, and made to suffer his questionable affections. Whether her parents had protested her abduction, she never knew; in her heart, she had hoped that they had remained silent, for if they had so much said a word against Fan Gen, they would definitely have been killed.

Jai Yana was not the first woman who had been treated in this fashion by Fan Gen, but she had been the only one to survive longer than a single year. Continue reading

Sunday Digest: My tooth hurts.


Oh, and separately disappointing, I didn’t finish Anubai 9 this week. I’d like to say the failure to get it done hurts as much as the toothache.

It doesn’t. Toothache sucks. 😦

Anyway. I’m about… a third(?) of the way through the chapter. So, assuming I can find some time to write this week (not guaranteed), it should get done. Yeah, I’m not perfectly content with it, but… y’know. Fan Bin. What can you do? :\

Oh, hey, while I’m thinking about it, OhmarioWV (the guy in the comments around my site, and probably on this post too… 😉 ) is streaming a Fallout 4 run on Twitch Fridays and Saturdays. Probably best to check his site for details… He’s also posted the videos on his YouTube channel, I believe. The interesting thing is, he’s playing as an expy of one of his own original characters, a gunslinger known as Lost Justice. It’s interesting because he was inspired to make the character after playing Fallout New Vegas, so there’s this weird echo effect going on. Well, I find it interesting anyway.

Oh, and here’s a Humvee.


I’m not 100% sure why its driving over my tools. Oh, and interestingly, while on the box it’s explicitly called a Humvee, the instructions inside call it “4WD Military Automobile.” It’s like they printed the instructions before getting the license or something… >.>

…Ow. See you next week. 😦

Sunday Digest: I want to be the wind, Masu.

Bonus points if you catch the obscure reference. Well, obscure due to lack of context, anyway.

Hi, happy Sunday, everyone! I was thinking about doing a little piece on the difference between a straight man and a tsukkomi today, but I didn’t feel like doing the research, so maybe next time. 😉

What did I manage to accomplish this week? Well, despite a busy schedule on days where normally I’d be able to do some writing, I pushed out two more parts of the short story Wind on the Lowest Plane. It will stay a short story. It wants to creep out further, but it can’t. Bad short story! 😛

…Well, of course I still have one(?) part left to go, but it won’t grow any further than that!

Probably. :\

Anyway. On the model front, I put together a carousel, or merry-go-round if you prefer. Pictured here with my ferris wheel model, because I like themes. 😉


Also pictured is my Mourning Cloak butterfly model, which is from a brand new line that, as you can see, is nicely colored. I’m also working on my Humvee model, which probably won’t take too horribly long once I actually start working on it. Unfortunately, the instructions are a little substandard, which makes it slightly more annoying… :\

Anyway, next week! Anubai Hero 9: Fan Bin is Definitely a Bad Guy! (Not an official title.) Hopefully by Wednesday so probably Thursday. Look forward to it! 😉

Wind on the Lowest Plane, Part 4

In case you missed them: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. There will be one last part. (I think.)

“A-alright. I’m sorry,” apologized the woman. “Um. I am… or I was an important person back on my original world–”

“A queen, or nearly so. And an oracle, of sorts,” interrupted the shadow. “Though I wonder… just where did your prophecy originate? Was it truly a likely possibility, or was it simply manipulation by an outside power?”

“That’s…” The woman hesitated, flustered.

“Never mind, never mind,” said the shadow soothingly. “It certainly doesn’t make a difference. It’s merely that prophecy more often than not, leads straight to Tragedy — and here you are. Interesting, isn’t it?” Continue reading

Wind on the Lowest Plane, Part 3

It’s been a long time, so, here are Part 1 and Part 2. Or if you want to wait until the last part is complete, I’ll be posting the whole story on its own page, so you can read it all at once. Fyi. 😉

The shadow gazed at the woman, and she gazed back. After a moment, the shadow spoke to her. Its voice was low, and surprisingly gentle. “Hello, little one.”

The woman swallowed, and stuttered as she responded, “H…hel…lo…”

“Hmmm,” said the shadow. “Well, first of all, you should probably stop sitting on him.” Continue reading

Sunday Digest: I’m not sure what happens next edition

Well, OK, that’s a lie. I do know what happens next, but I’m having a hard time explicating it in prose. It’s similar to writer’s block, but it’s more existential. Or, y’know, not… >.>

Anyway. Anubai chapter 8 has been posted, and chapter 9… has one line so far. So, my best guess of when I’ll have it done is “maybe sometime this week?” which doesn’t really satisfy even me, so I can accept some skeptical looks. :\

As to what’s been holding me back (setting aside ennui) I just picked up Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel for my PSVita. And I’ve been having fun. So yeah, slow on the writing front. On the other hand, I have effectively dropped a third to half of the novels I was previously reading every day, so there’s that. Eventually, I’ll get something done. 😛

Well, I did write one short piece, but… it’s the introduction to another series, supposedly. I’m saying it doesn’t stand well on its own, but… when I went to write the first actual chapter, I pretty much blanked. So, no release for that in the near future either… 😐

…Is it just me, or is this a list of things that I failed to accomplish this week? Enough of that.

Here’s a picture of a wheel loader to improve the mood.


Well, it improves my mood, anyway. 😉

I actually committed a huge error when I was putting this together, to the point where I would actually be unable to complete the last step, because a certain piece was flipped the wrong way. I had to carefully unbend a bunch of tabs, with… mixed results. 😦

Still, it came together in the end. And thanks to where the mistake was located, you have to look very closely to see the damage I did repairing it. You can’t see it in the picture, for example. 😉

Anyway, that’s four out of five in the CAT line of models. Next in queue, I have a merry-go-round (as a sort of palate cleanser from the difficult models), followed by a Humvee. Oh, and I have to start that train model at some point — it looks like a fun build too. 😉

Thanks for visiting, and I’ll be posting something on Wednesday. Not sure what, yet, but I’ll find something… 😀

The Anubai Hero, Chapter 8

Chapter 8

The Balkiri Continent was truly a prodigiously large area of land. Within its long shorelines, it held uncountable numbers of forests, plains, mountains, swamps, rivers, and every other sort of natural environment. Beneath the surface, leylines of spiritual energy twisted everywhere like the veins of an enormous dragon, crossing and flaring up seemingly at random. And wherever the spiritual energy became particularly strong, humans would gather like bees to honey.

It wasn’t that humans could directly interact with spiritual energy — only a few esoteric monstrous beasts could manage such a feat — but high concentrations could greatly affect the efficiency of a human’s cultivation, literally bringing twice the results for half the effort. And so over the course of time humans would seek out the leyline nexi, and build their homes and palaces, towns and cities, where the benefits to them would be the strongest.

Of course, not every area with great spiritual energy would be fit for human habitation. For every mighty forest citadel raised by human hands, there was a deep black jungle that would devour any mortal foolish enough to step within; for every grand mountain aerie where ancient experts meditated in peace, there would be a frozen highland of ice and death; for every verdant plain nurturing ten or even a hundred villages, there would be a vast, endless swamp filled with monstrous beasts and poison. Continue reading

Sunday Digest: 0% Productivity level edition

Yeah… I’m sure you noticed, but I didn’t finish any chapters of anything this week. Somehow it turned into “replay Arkham City week” for me, instead of doing anything productive. Sorry. 😦

Oh, and I started Disgaea 5, too. Good stuff. 😛

I did get started on Anubai chapter 8, though, so I have a bit of confidence in getting it done by Wednesday. We’ll have to see how that goes. 😐

Now if only I had something to help me increase my productivity… to help me build a road to success…


Like a Motor Grader. 😛

Sunday digest: Go thank your mothers, you ingrates!

Happy mother’s day, everyone! Make sure you treat your mothers nicely everyday, not just today, though. 😛

Anyway, in a strange and unusual occurrence, I got a whole 2 chapters of Anubai done this week! I know, I’m shocked too. But let’s not get used to it; after all, the first of the two was supposed to be released last week, after all. :\

Anyway, I’ve got the first two sentences of chapter 8 written, and a pretty good idea of where I’m going with it, so it should be ready sometime this week. Assuming I don’t get too depressed; bad things have been happening in North Pine City while the nominal MC has been dead. 😦

Meanwhile, OhMario has been attempting to get me to continue ALW… ugh, I’m having a hard time getting back into Zedda’s head. Well, no, that’s a lie, I understand Zedda, I just don’t know how to present the next section… sigh… 😐

Ok, enough whining! I did manage to finish one more thing this week… remember that secret model project that I mentioned a few times?


Yup. Got it done. 😀

It was definitely a challenge to build, with lots of spiky bits to deal with, but I had a lot of fun. Doesn’t it look cool? I love dragons. 😉

Anyway, for next week, I’m going to finish Anubai 8, and I’m really, really going to try to do something for ALW. Well, even if I get something, though, I’m probably not going to release it until I have a few chapters to release at once, plus I want to post a “story so far” for it, since its been so long since I worked on it. Fortunately, the chapters are generally shorter than I do for Anubai. I’m not sure if it makes it easier or not, though. :\

Oh, and I’ll probably make another model. I like models. 😛

Like this guy.


The Anubai Hero, Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Tai Mei was a young girl, living in a small village that was only notable due to it’s unfortunate proximity to the Cerulean Abyss. She was neither especially beautiful nor especially clever, and therefore did not differ from any of a thousand other young girls spread around the Balkiri Continent. Girls in peasant villages were seldom allowed to learn cultivation, and only boys were habitually taught to find their dantian by their fathers and elders. Tai Mei was no exception, and she did not have the slightest thread of Qi throughout her whole body. She was, in other words, a perfectly normal young village girl.

If one was to force themselves to find an aspect to compliment her on, it might be said that she had a strong filial respect for her parents, and always gave all her efforts to support her family. That this strength of hers was never directly acknowledged was an unfortunate, but understandable truth: Tai Mei was the third of five children, and since she was neither excellent nor difficult, she tended to be treated as part of the background by one and all. Continue reading