The Anubai Hero, Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Two lines of characters hung in the dark. He thought at first that he had never seen anything like them before, but then he began to feel that he was wrong — a strange, nostalgic feeling like a half-remembered dream. And so he looked at the strange characters, until they began to seem familiar. Eventually, he started to believe — no, he was certain, that the line was a very simple message:

Good morning, hero. It’s time to wake up.

And so, he woke up. Continue reading

My daughter’s first collaboration!

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to share something with you quick. Earlier today, my daughter (3) popped open my Chromebook, which happened to have the chapter I am currently working on open. She added a bit of dialogue, which I wish to share with you here:

“The silver-furred man sighed again. “Just… ignore her for the moment, please. Now. I presume you l0lo5yd gkjki     m4njnm mn nmdu  vbb bnnhbmnnnhgcvrnbv bvvbvvnv    kk vm         .bivcdbm po k  yv6 e5 v vxxz”

I think it makes as much sense as anything I’ve ever written, don’t you? 😀

Numbers! Everyone loves numbers, right? :P

So! I just (finally) finished putting my PS3 games into a storage unit, so I could get rid of all those jewel cases and save some space. This is something I did previously with my PS2 collection, incidentally, and probably something I should do for my PS1 collection as well, which is currently sitting in a box. 😛

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to run the numbers on my games, just to see my completion percentages. So here we go:

I have 90(!) discs worth of PS3 games. However, two of the discs are DanceDance Revolution and Zumba; since those two are more like exercise platforms than games, it makes the question of completion really nebulous, so let’s exclude them, and say I have 88. :\

Of those 88 games, I have successfully played through to completion (of at least one ending, at least one time) … 29 of them! That’s an approximately 33% completion rate, which is… actually a lot better than I expected. Huh. But we’ll get to the reason for that below… It’s still pretty pathetic, all around, I think. 😐

There is another category I’d like to introduce: games that, despite buying, I have never once inserted into my PS3! There are five games on my list I never so much as touched!

…Yeah, I’m reflecting. 😦

Highlights of my collection include:

From the Atelier series: Atelier Rorona, Atelier Totori, Atelier Meruru, Atelier Ayesha, Atelier Escha & Logy, and Atelier Shallie. Do you get the impression that I like the Atelier games? Because I love the Atelier games. Sadly, I don’t seem to complete them: the only one on this list I’ve completed (once) is Ayesha. And, since Rorona, Totori, and Meruru are a chronological series, I never played Totori or Meruru, since I wanted to complete Rorona first. I just… never did. :\

From the Lego games: Lego Batman 2, Lego Batman 3, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego Movie Videogame, Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Hobbit, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 & 5-7, Lego Jurassic World. Yeah, I really like the Lego games, too. And since they’re seriously easy to complete, these ten games raise my completion rate by a really significant degree: if I exclude them, my completion drops to 19 out of 78 games, or 24% — a huge drop. 😦

Games that I had played through on a previous system: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix, Jak & Daxter Collection, and the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection. All of which are games I played to completion on the PS2 (with the exception of Symphonia, which I borrowed a friends GameCube to complete), none of which I completed on PS3. I was a little unsure about whether I should count them as completed or not, but since I bought them individually for the PS3, then didn’t finish them, I decided they belonged in the uncompleted category. All great games, though. 😉

Finally, it’s not really what I’d call a highlight, but I was uncertain whether to count my Genesis Collection disc as a game I could actually complete, seeing as it’s actually about 40(?) games. But since I didn’t complete any of them, I suppose it’s fine to just count it as another uncompleted game. It doesn’t sway the total that much, anyway.

Unless I count every game on the disc separately, of course. But that’s way too much effort. 😛

Ok, enough of that. My resolution is to maintain a much higher completion rate for my PS4 games! I’m currently sitting at… 2 out of 13. (Rachet and Clank and Song of the Deep, incidentally.) So the current rate is about 15%, but I am in the last dungeon of Tales of Berseria (which is huge, incidentally 😦 ) so pretty soon that will jump to 3 out of 13, 23%.

…Yeah, I’ve got a ways to go. And I need to stop buying games. -_-;

Sunday digest: Why write, when you can make a mining truck out of metal sheets?

Hello, everyone. Happy Easter, for those who care about such things. So.

Somehow I barely managed to open my Chromebook at all this week… I was going to write up a little piece on Tales of Berseria, but I eventually just played more of the game instead. I’m at 90+ hours, and I’m trying to clean up everything possible before the endgame. Mostly because, after I beat the boss, I’m going to turn my attention to the other games in my collection. Especially Persona 5, which I have neglected for far too long. 😉

As for my fiction, ALW and my novel are both at a complete standstill. As for Anubai Hero, I’ve written… the first paragraph of chapter 4. I was going to work on it during OhMarioWV’s Destiny stream, but unsurprisingly I can’t multitask in the least. (Apropos of nothing, my wife always has something running in the background whenever she’s doing anything, usually something off the food network, or Dirty Jobs or Mythbusters. I have absolutely no idea how she can concentrate with that nonsense in the background.) Anyway, I’ve got a fairly good idea of how chapter 4 will go, so it should be out… soonish? I don’t want to give a deadline, because it depresses me too much when I miss them. 😦

Oh… While I’m thinking about it, I should put up a TOC for it. I’ll work on that after this, I guess.

So what have I been doing?


Well, these guys, for one. That’s a CAT mining truck on the left, and the Javits Convention Center in New York on the right. And yes, a mining truck is definitely big enough to completely run over a convention center. 😯

…It’s not. They’re not to scale, sorry. But mining trucks are pretty huge — that’s literally a stairway that runs up the front grill. It was a complicated model, which I like, but since it’s complicated there is a greater chance for stuff to go wrong. For instance, I misread the instructions and ended up breaking a piece on the undercarriage, which makes me sad and angry. It wasn’t something I could fix with a bit of glue, either. Grrr. 😡

On the other hand, the Javits Center was much easier, with big, easy to handle pieces, and only a bit of complicated folding to make things difficult. It just ends up being less satisfying to complete something easily, I guess. I’m not a masochist, though. 😛

By the by… I highly advise you to Google a picture of the actual building — it’s made almost entirely of glass, and it looks awesome. 😉

OK, as for next week… I don’t know. I’ll think of something. Have a good one, everyone. 😀

Sunday Digest: The “…Wait, it’s Sunday!?” Edition

Yeah…kinda forgot that the day after Saturday is Sunday, somehow… I was planning to write a bit about Tales of Berseria, but yeah, that’ll have to wait now…

Anyway. On the writing front, I completed the third chapter of the Anubai Hero, as I intended. So for the time being, chapter releases, whether of A Living Will or AH, will be sporadic and unscheduled, while I try and figure out how to make ALW fun for me again. 😐

I haven’t decided whether to make a TOC for Anubai yet, or just toss it under my Other tab with the rest of the miscellaneous stuff. We’ll see how motivated about it I feel in the future… In the mean time, if you haven’t read the three chapters yet, here is Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3. 😀

Let’s see, what else… Ah, how about some models?


Although I realize now that the lighting in this picture is a little bad… Ah well. The boat in the center is the Black Pearl — the historical version, rather than the Disney version, incidentally. The crawler crane in the upper left I made a while ago, actually, but I forgot to put up a picture. The car in the lower left is the iconic New York checker cab, and incidentally the easiest model I’ve built so far. In the upper right is a (generic?) ferryboat, while you might recognize the lower right as a scorpion.

The cab, scorpion, and ferryboat were all single sheet models, and the cab and ferryboat were both surprisingly simple. Actually, the Black Pearl was relatively simple too, although I had some issues with the sails. The scorpion had a number of small pieces, like the legs and the segmentation on the tail, so it was a bit more difficult. The crawler crane had about the same difficulty as one of my tanks. Unlike the tanks, though, the crane can actually swivel around, if a bit clumsily. I have mixed feelings about that. 😛

For my next model, I either have to stop procrastinating and put together my gold Kinkaku-ji temple, or else my super secret model that I’m not telling you guys about yet. Haven’t decided, but probably the temple. We’ll see… 😉

Finally, and since I haven’t made a fiction recommendation in a while, go check out DragomirCM’s web novels at I especially recommend reading “I was reincarnated as a Magic Academy!” That is not a typo; the MC actually reincarnated into a Magic Academy. (Well, technically he’s a dungeon core, but he’s being used as an academy, so that’s fine, right? 😉 ) It’s a slightly off-beat story, with lots of comic moments as well as tragic ones. I also read DragomirCM’s “100 Luck and the Dragon Tamer Skill” and “The Blessing of 118 Gods”, both of which are very cool, so check those out too. 😉

All right, no promises for chapters over the next week, but I will post about my gaming experiences, so you can look forward(?) to that instead. Have a good one! 😀

The Anubai Hero, Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In the Cerulean Abyss.

The light was dim, even on the third level, which was still relatively close to the surface. Light filtered down from above, illuminating crystalline structures that propagated the distant sunlight into beautiful swaths of color across the dim rocks. Twisted paths wound between sheer cliffsides and bottomless crevaces, and the sounds of monstrous growls and scrittering claws filled the air. The smell of blood drifted, and a palpable feeling of dread clung to everything.

Through this maelstrom which at every moment whispered of sudden death, a man strolled casually down the twisting paths. He was a bald-headed fat man, slightly short, with a face that seemed jolly and peaceful. He wore a simple, threadbare robe, and he wore no sandals on his feet. His eyes were constantly squinting, making it difficult to perceive their color.

Barefoot, he strode through the abyss, casually looking around with enjoyment, as though he were simply sight-seeing. An ordinary observer would be shocked; was the Cerulean Abyss a place that could be treated so casually? Of course not! This weak-looking fat man was simply seeking death! Continue reading

Sunday Digest: The “Got chapter 2 done somehow” edition.

As titled. I hope chapter 2 of the Anubai Hero was interesting for you, but the chapter I really want to write is the next one. Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and since I haven’t set up a TOC for Anubai yet: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

OK, other news. I just download Torment: Tides of Numanera, which I backed for a digital copy way back in the day. I kinda want to spend some time on it, and also on finishing Tales of Berseria; in addition, Persona 5 comes out on Tuesday, and I kinda want to play with that a bit as well. On the flip side, I really haven’t been inspired to work seriously on my novel, or ALW. So, rather than fight with my feelings, I’m going to stop trying to write chapters to a schedule, and write about my gaming experiences instead. Hopefully I can make that somewhat entertaining as well. 😛

Oh, incidentally. I fired up TToN just to test it out, and I managed to kill my character within the intro. Within three decisions, in fact. And the first decision was just choosing my gender. (I chose female. Don’t judge.) I laughed so hard… 😀

Ah, yeah, in other news, I’ve completed a few more metal models, including Himeji Castle, and I was asked to post a picture:IMG_20170326_205938

Incidentally, that’s a Japanese WWII Chi Ha tank sitting next to it. …I’m pretty sure that they’re not to scale. Or maybe tanks in Japan are just ridiculously huge. Probably so they can fight off Godzilla. Yeah, makes sense. 😉

Anyway, I’m going to finish chapter 3 of Anubai before anything else, so please look forward to that. I hope it ends up half as cool as it seems in my head… Have a good week, everyone! 😀

The Anubai Hero, Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The distance from North Pine City to Red Rock City was quite far. In truth, an ordinary man walking from one to the other would spend weeks on Red Pine Road, the main road between the two; if he encountered any accidents, it might be more than a month before he reached his destination.

For a wealthy family like the Sun clan, however, the journey was much more manageable. All the major roads were built on the twisting leylines, and elite dragon-horses had been bred for centuries to take advantage of the natural energy. The tireless and swift creatures were expensive, naturally, but well within the means of the Sun clan.

Therefore, the journey to Red Rock City should have taken Sun Tzi and his cousin less than a day. However, the detour to the Cerulean Abyss had added a significant distance to their journey. Additionally, the leyline under the road leading from the Cerulean Abyss to Red Rock City was significantly weaker, so the dragon-horses could not proceed as swiftly. It would likely have been faster to return to North Pine City, and take Red Pine Road. But Sun Lan had ordered So Tan to take the slower direct road, and Sun Tzi had not disagreed. Continue reading

The Anubai Hero, Chapter 1

Fate : Destiny :: Karma : Fortune

Book 1: The Anubai Hero

Chapter 1

“Move aside!” a harsh voice sounded across the crowded road. Many people hurriedly cleared the road, whether they were poorly dressed commoner or rich merchant. No one wanted to draw the ire of the nobles riding in the carriage marked with the sign of the Sun clan! It would be worth their lives to raise even a single word of protest.

And yet, one young man somehow failed to hear the words of the Sun clan guards, and completely ignored the carriage rattling down the street towards him. The faces of the guards darkened at this blatant disrespect, and one of them shouted at the man.

“You! Boy! Are you looking to die!?” The guard turned to the coachman, and urged him forward with a hand gesture. They would run this pitiful fool down, without hesitation! Only then would the honor of the Sun clan be upheld.

The young man finally turned around, and gazed at the oncoming carriage. The Sun clan guards caught their breaths and gripped their weapons, while the coachman reined in almost by instinct. In this city, known as North Pine City to it’s inhabitants, the guards had encountered many men. Some had eyes filled with fear, especially in front of the Sun clan, who were the second most powerful clan in the city. Some had eyes filled with arrogance, those who could compete against the Sun either with connections or their own personal power.

But in the eyes of this youth, these experienced men saw… nothing! Continue reading