Sometimes I think the Carja are a little odd…

I mean, what is this? :\

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171211205856

Do they think the machines will be intimidated by a metal scarecrow, or something? What a weird bunch…




Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171208082235

After collecting all the flowers, figures, and “vessels”… finding all the vista points… clearing all the corrupted areas… overriding every tallneck, and incidentally every other (non-corrupted) machine in the game… clearing every cauldron… clearing every bandit camp… clearing nearly every sidequest in the open world… reaching level 50… gaining all but one skill…

…after over 65 hours of play, I am finally visiting the main hub city to continue the plot. 😀

Incidentally, my favorite collectibles are the metal flowers. Not only do they grow other flowers in an odd triangle pattern, each one contains a poem about nature. Very cool. 😉

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171205143413


Up in the sky! It’s a bird! (And it’s coming to kill us!)

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171205144156

This is probably my favorite machine in the game, the Stormhawk. Hmm, this picture doesn’t really help grasp just how huge it is, though.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171205144908

So here’s a picture of Aloy STANDING NEXT TO ITS FROZEN CORPSE for scale. 😛

Surprisingly, I actually like fighting these guys. Just… not more than one at a time. That gets a bit rough. ^^;

I don’t have a picture yet, but my least favorite machine to fight are the Rockbreakers. Those things suck. 😦

And just for kicks, here’s some pretty scenery. See ya tomorrow! 😀

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171205135108

Even later than yesterday…

…but hey.

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171207075255

At least it’s a pretty night. 😉

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171206173055

Oh, and here’s some evidence that Horizon actually takes place in the American midwest. Although, I think the turbines in the game are actually shorter than the real things… 😛

I tried to sit down and write earlier, but my daughter immediately came and sat in my lap to stop me. Gonna have to buckle down and start writing while she’s at school… of course, winter break is coming up soon. :\

Editing the research paper of someone you love is surprisingly stressful.

And that’s my excuse for not posting so much as a picture yesterday. 😛

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171202182432

Otherwise, I would have posted this picture of a girl riding a mechanical bull that much sooner. Hmm, sounds like an off-color joke though… 😛

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171204133401

Enough of that, check out this sunrise. What a beautiful red glow.

At least, I think it was a sunrise, not a sunset. I don’t quite remember when I took the photo… ^^;

Ok, I’ve got to get back to editing my wife’s paper now. It’s due at midnight tonight… :\

I wish I could have sat in on the planning session for this machine…

So, there are a lot of mysteries associated with Horizon’s setting, starting with how, exactly, the world came to be destroyed, and why all the technology still works, and the big robots are still being produced, etc. etc. But the question I want answered the most: why have all the machines been designed to look like animals?

Especially, I want to know the story behind this one:

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171202094319

It’s a giant crab. That transports goods on its back. Yeah, let that sink in a bit.

Engineer A: “So next, let’s design our mobile transport units.”

Engineer B: “Sure. I figured we could just automate our ordinary transport fleet with advanced A.I., which would be extremely efficient.”

A: “Nah, that’s boring. Let’s make giant crabs!”

B: “…Won’t that be really slow?”

A: “But giant crabs would be a thousand times cooler!”

B: “…You’re lucky that you’re the director’s son.”

The hills are alive…

Horizon Zero Dawn™_20171130005520

…with the sound of– hey, wait, what is the capture symbol doing in my screenshot!? Grrr…

Quick story: I (finally) got around to plugging my old PS3 into my TV. The problem is, my TV only has 2 HDMI ports, which are already occupied by my PS4 and the BluRay player.. So, I have to run the PS3 through the component video, and the picture quality of my PS3 is going to be crap, but fine. But while I was making sure I didn’t have a better option (while there might be a PS to VGA adapter, I certainly don’t have one) I noticed something I hadn’t before: my TV has an Optical sound output port. So, I can now run sound from the TV directly to my (rather old) stereo system, meaning I don’t have to listen to sound from my PS4 on my TV speakers anymore.

I was very, very happy when I realized this. TV speakers suck. 😛

Now, to see if my PS3 will deign to read disks… :\