My daughter’s first collaboration!

Hey, everyone, I just wanted to share something with you quick. Earlier today, my daughter (3) popped open my Chromebook, which happened to have the chapter I am currently working on open. She added a bit of dialogue, which I wish to share with you here:

“The silver-furred man sighed again. “Just… ignore her for the moment, please. Now. I presume you l0lo5yd gkjki     m4njnm mn nmdu  vbb bnnhbmnnnhgcvrnbv bvvbvvnv    kk vm         .bivcdbm po k  yv6 e5 v vxxz”

I think it makes as much sense as anything I’ve ever written, don’t you? 😀

Day 30

Finished! Or not, I estimate the story still has at least a third to go — but I accomplished my goal of over 50,000 words, so I’m going to pat myself on the back anyway. So let me enjoy my celebratory beef brisket nachos (and banana pudding 😛 ) and I’ll make a larger reaction post tomorrow. And, of course, post everything I’ve written so far. Thanks for following along! 😀

Total words: 51286 (2455 today — I was on a roll 😉 )

Words left:

On par:


A familiar young woman lay on the bed. Karis could see her breathing was shallow, but steady. He walked over to her bedside, and examined her face. It was slightly grey, still, but she seemed to be sleeping peacefully, without pain. He surprised himself by giving a small sigh of relief.

“It’s good to see you alive, Miss Foursquare,” he told the unconscious girl.

Day 29

OK, back on track, and one day left to go! Woo! Only, I’m not sure what the next scene is… This could be bad… 😯

Total words: 48831 (3108 today. Yikes!)

Words left: 1169

On par: +488


“Prime Minister. No one told me you were coming,” said du Witt with a minimal smile. “What brings you to my poor bureau?”

Prime Minister Mado Ramse gave a evil-looking grin. “I thought I’d come in personally to give you the news. No, stay, Mr. Parrow, this involves you too,” he said, holding up a hand to prevent Parrow from sneaking away. Parrow settled back, not letting his carefully empty expression change.

“News?” said du Witt.

Ramse’s smile got wider. “I believe a petition was issued from Civil Investigations, asking that Briar Sevon be removed from the investigation. Well, you can rest at ease. By order of his Majesty, his writ has been recalled from Mr. Sevon, and he shall no longer enjoy the King’s protection. In fact,” he said, looking extraordinarily pleased, “if you happen to encounter Mr. Sevon in the future, you are to arrest him, and contact my office. We have some rather pressing questions for the young man, heh heh heh …”

Day 28

So. First order of business: insomnia sucks. I literally did not sleep yesterday night. I am now extraordinarily tired. So there’s that.

Second. I spent a lot of time thinking about in what direction to take this story next. I think I got some good ideas, supported by stuff I had written before — but I didn’t actually do much writing. So I’m going to have to work hard tomorrow.

Third. I’m really, really tired. Oyasumi.


Total Words: 45723 (389 today. Why did I even bother…?)

Words left: 4277

On par: -953 (Oh yeah. This is why I bothered…)


On the fourth floor, in the small room she had been assigned to when she first arrived in Reclamation Kingdom’s Capital, Aya Firewheel lay curled up on her bed. Her emotions were a chaotic mess of guilt, hate, fear, and generous amounts of self-loathing. Because of her, Mary Lionstar, her mentor, surregate mother, and friend, had her magic sealed away by the power of the king of this godforsaken Kingdom. She should never have agreed to let Briar Sevon come here, it was all her fault … her thoughts circled around and around, giving her no relief.

After ascertaining that she hadn’t been hurt, the vice store leader, a man by the name of Firedeep, had ordered Aya to stay in her room, basically under house arrest, until Roger Bladefang returned. Aya had gone willingly; she couldn’t stand seeing the lost and forsaken look on Mary’s face. Along with protecting Maledicta, Aya was supposed to defend the people and interests of the Foursquare Cartel. Instead, she had brought them calamity, and the involuntary betrayal burned in her mind.

On top of everything else, she had a splitting headache. She felt weirdly grateful to it, actually; it was distracting her from her guilt.

Day 27

Shockingly, when I begin writing earlier in the day, I get done sooner. Who knew? 😛

Oh, and starting tomorrow I’ll be back with the main plot. Yay? Except I’m not sure where to pick it back up… :\

Total words: 45334 (1847 today)

Words left: 4666

On par: +325


Several streets away from that unassuming courtyard, a Conveyance marked with the sigil of House Fernifar was waiting for them. Maes, Briar, and the guard supporting him piled into the passenger section, while the other guard sat up front next to the driver. With a low, powerful hum, the Conveyance sprang to life, and started rolling down the sparsely populated street. Conveyances were convenient for getting around, but due to the twisted and maze-like nature of the Capital’s streets, they were only allowed on specific, wide streets. They were also extremely expensive to run, so under most circumstances, the citizens of the Capital walked almost everywhere.

House Fernifar had a number of Conveyances, but this specific model was a particularly large one, nearly a troop transport. The passenger seats were set in parallel along the sides, and Briar and the other man, Arodor, sat across from Duke Maes, who was glowering angrily at them. With a jerk of his head, he made Arodor sit farther down the benches, away from Briar. The guard immediately obeyed, and Maes quickly cast Seal magic to ensure privacy.

“My apologies, Mr. Sevon,” he rumbled angrily. “I knew that Kaiken bastard wanted to meet with you, but I didn’t expect him to pull you into Inverse Cyan at this time.”

Edit: By the way … I still haven’t thought up a name for this work … 😯