Pretty Pretty Cakes!

My wife, the industrious Lady Jackel, has been pressing me to make a page for her to present pictures of the decorative cakes she makes for blowing off steam fun. So hey, here they are. I’ll try to get her to comment on them when she has a moment.

…She doesn’t usually have a moment. She stays busy. I’ll toss a few comments in too. πŸ˜›20160608_203850.jpg20170416_112627.jpg

This was a birthday cake for someone… I’m pretty sure. My son? My daughter? Hmm. -Jackel


L.J. was inspired by the Food Network show Ace of Cakes. This is one of her first efforts at showy cakes like those on the show. Not horrible, right? πŸ˜‰ -Jackel


I’m 90% sure this was for my daughter. She loves Batman. -Jackel
L.J.’s coworker actually requested this cake. Both she and I were surprised that the official tennis court color is blue, not green. ^^; -Jackel
Those chocolates on top are supposed to be jewels, apparently, but they reminded me of one of those in-game keypads where you have to search the level for the combination. -Jackel
…Actually, is this even a cake? What is this exactly, my Lady? -Jackel


These were inspired by the Faberge egg cake from the cookbook “Cake My Day” by… cough, I’ll look the authors up later. :/ The one on the left was decorated by my son, while the slightly more ornate one was L.J.’s.Β 

There will be more cakes, and other confectioneries, added as time goes on.


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