Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 14

This is the Icefire Treetop.

The searing treetop born of the Valley of Chaos.

-Grail Tablet, 6th Child: Alfr, Muspelheim

Sing, bird of prey, beauty begins at the foot of you. Gaze upon that foot.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Lokapala, Fire Treetop

Got my hands on a treasure map that read “Proceed 50 feet ahead of the sniping spot”. Then I stop and realize I’m stuck in here! Dammit. Must have been a trap.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Ammo Knight, Life Altar

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 13

Catalyze the stoppered flow of time at the Pit of Time.

An ancient machine will duly deliver you to the Altar of Time.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Alfr, Pit of Time

Please, leave me alone. I want to be left alone.

Do not bother me. I just want to be left alone.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Large Mann, Pit of Time

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 12

The Lokapala’s secret altar. An altar to the great god Indra, who wishes for the onset of the time of destruction. Only those bearing the image of the Lokapala’s protective deity will be permitted into the divine fold.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Lokapala, Vampire’s Corridor.

Ahh… I was having an amazing vacation abroad until I drunkenly stumbled in here…

I’m too hungover to move… And I didn’t bring anything with me… And five days of blubbering about it hasn’t gotten me anywhere…

Yep, I’m a goner…

Oh, right. Before I go. Watch out for the trap in front of m- Ah, too little, too late.

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Oburuda the Tourist, Time Altar

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 11

The Amama were a race of 5th Children who meddled in the arcane mysteries of life and death in hopes of escaping the Mother’s influence. The Ennead fight tirelessly to keep them sealed. The Amama and the Ennead are exhiled behind the Gate of the Dead. Wherein the light of souls keeps them sealed.

-Tablet, 6th Child: Lokapala, Corridor of Wind

The hell is this place’s problem?! You kill one creepy-crawly and another three take its place! I’m all out of weapons. The only thing I’ve got is this… aspirin. Well, I guess this is it. Bottoms up…

Mom, Dad, I hope you can forgive me for being a terrible so-eww…

-Skeleton, 8th Child: Hide=O=Winton, Corridor of Wind

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Sunday Digest: And the diary continues…

Happy Sunday, y’all! I’ve been pretty good about getting an Eg-Lana diary out every day, although I’m not sure if that’s something I should be proud of. Nevertheless, I feel that it’s a step in the right direction. >.>

I think I’m going to start putting a link back to the first entry at the beginning of each entry. I suppose I should add previous/next buttons at some point, but for the time being it’s possible to use the normal WordPress back/next post buttons. I’m also not going to make a TOC page until I’m completely done.

Anyway, the game is really opening up, so I’m starting to have troubles deciding what to do next. It’s a bit hard to tell where I can and can’t make progress… But, well, that’s part of the joy of the game. At least I haven’t run into anything too mind-bendingly non-intuitive yet, like the unmarked intangible walls from the first game. That was just complete nonsense… -_-

Other than that… What have I been doing? Hmm, other than taking care of my kids, I’ve been watching a lot Twitch streams lately. Or, leaving them on in the background while doing other things… Alien:Isolation is probably my favorite game to watch other people play that I will never, never play myself. 😉

Anyway, that’s about it, I suppose. Have a good week, everyone! Try not to get trapped on a space station — that never works out well. 😀

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 9

Heimdall will watch over the End from his perch atop the Rainbow Bridge. He will demonstrate his power when, and only when, the End begins. The blast of Heimdall’s horn will mark the beginning of Yggdrasil’s end.

-Tablet, Bifrost

I didn’t want to go in butt-naked, but… trying to stay afloat with your clothes on? Ain’t nobody got the skills for that.

Well, ‘cept maybe a ninja. Yeah, a ninja…

Bleugh, bleugh…

-Skeleton in a pool, Kukulkan’s Room

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Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 8

Eg-Lana forms the body of the Original Child.

The Lokapala schemed to control Eg-Lana at their whim.

But they were opposed by another race – us.

We of the Alfr are loyal to the Fairy King, Frey.

-Tablet, Fairy Watchtower

Oh, fantastic! I went and died. Thanks, Eg-Lana. All I ever wanted out of life was to translate dirty games and play around with my phone…

How am I supposed to do either of those without skin!?

…To anyone who might stumble across this message: Seriously, sit down and write that visual novel of yours. You’re not gonna be around forever. I might, though.

Oh, and can you feed my dogs for me, too? Thanks.

-Skeleton, Fairy Watchtower

Day 8: Lots to see, little to do. Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 7

Shiva sits in the heavens, from which he drops the light that burns the land below. Vishnu sits in the heavens, from which he watches the land below. The two gods fall from the heaven over an old conflict.

Leaving behind Brahma, who is relocated to one of Yggdrasil’s branches. The primeval entity of many heads and arms, who watches over this world of his creation.

-Tablet, Fire Altar

Eg-Lana… I was this close to clearing it… I’ll try again later, in the next life.

-Skeleton, Jalandhara’s Room

Day 7: Mega Man L, for La-Mulana! Continue reading

Eg-Lana Diaries, Day 6

This is the fortress of the Vanir, who defied the Aesir who sought to destroy Yggdrasil. The calamity Vritra is sealed here until the day comes for the End.

-Tablet, Vanir Gate

I’m a professional speed-running exploration extraordinaire! You won’t catch me wasting time examining rocks! Well, unless we’re talking about my grave… Geez. Might as well examine the hell out of it!

-Skeleton, Vanir Gate

Day 6: Valhalla, the land of falling down a lot. Continue reading