Sunday writing digest 4: The “OK, it’s 2017, time to get to work” edition!

Hello everyone, and welcome to 2017. To everyone who hated 2016 as much as I did, let’s all stay positive, right? It’s a new year, so let’s try to make it better than last year. *pumps fist*

Right, got that out of the way, moving on. I completed one chapter of ALW this week, and nothing else, making this more of a bullet point then a digest, but what the hey. At least I’m finally reintroducing Irene into the story, and the next chapter will be her POV and some of her backstory, I think, so look forward to that. 😉

Other than that? I’ve been visiting family and friends a lot this last week, so that was fun. I’ve also been playing the remake reimagining of Rachet and Clank on my PS4. I also picked up Final Fantasy 15, but I’ve been putting off starting it. I’d better get my writing habits in line first; it looks like a giant time-sink, from what I’ve seen so far… 😛

Anyway, I’ll be resuming my initially proposed writing schedule (3 days of novel writing, 1 day for ALW, 1 day of whatever, 1 day for editing my things, and 1 day for helping others) starting tomorrow. I might rearrange it after a week or two, in order to put all three days of my novel writing next to each other, but I kinda want to see how my schedule works currently… Well, whatever. 😐

Thanks for reading, and have a great new year!! XD


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